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How long after a sprained ankle can I start running?

Only completed two weeks into the couch to5k journey and then sprained my ankle two weeks ago. I am still hobbling on it and I don't feel like it is getting any better. Had it x-rayed and it isn't broken and have been doing all the RICE thing and resting, gentle physio exercises, all this week as I'm off work anyway.doc just said give it time. Today I only managed to hobble round 2 aisles of the supermarket leaning heavily on the trolley.i can't walk any further than about 50 m without is seizing up. I am coming round to the idea that this is going to take a while to get better but has anyone had any experience of this and how long did it take to recover? Walking is challenging enough but I can't ever imagine being able to run on it again.😔

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If it is a bad sprian, could be 6 to 8 weeks to walk normally on it and 8 to 12 to run.

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Bleurgh!! That is a long time but guess I will have to be patient. Been unfit for the last 30 years so a few more months of unfitness won't make much difference.


It doesn't necessarily mean it will be that long. I guess the common factor is leaving it a couple of weeks or more after you can walk painlessly on it. There are plenty of other things you can be working on in the mainwhile that will iprove your fitness and your running once your ankle is better so nil desperandum.


Thanks for the advice much appreciated.


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