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W7R1 today and had lots of negative thoughts trying to crowd my head and get me to stop. I distracted myself by mulling over how far I've come mentally over the past few weeks. I've been fairly fit all my life but never pushed really hard with anything because my mind would tell me it was too far, too high, too long etc. And I would give in. I'm proud of my progress physically on this programme, but really I think the biggest challenge has been learning how to push through and believe in myself. I'm still on that journey and probably always will be but I kept going today and I will graduate!

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That's the spirit! You're doing great 😃

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I think pushing through is a very good way of describing it because that's what you do. You'll be glad you did!

Keep up the good work and banish those negative thoughts.


That's why the podcasts are so good. If you decided to run for 3 minutes without Laura banging on at you, and you felt tired, I bet you'd just say it was too hard and stop. But we just don't want to let Laura down, do we?! God knows why, she's gets right up your nose at times, but, hey, I discovered that if I just did what she said, fabulous things would occur, like running for 30 mins non stop. Who knew?!!


Even being able to shout "Yeah, right" or think "There's no way I'm listening to *that* track any more times than I have to" helps.

You don't have to think, you just have to do.


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