Complete novice

Well downlaoded the app......when to start? how to start? where to start? So nervous.Im overweight but healthy(So drs say lol). Need the courage to get my backside out and moving.My other half is an established runner so dont want to be going with him ,a 30 second jog wont do him any good. Any advice for a compete new started?


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  • When to start is now, how to start is put the app on your phone, press play and put one foot in front of the other and where to start is outside your front door or in the park or on the treadmill at the gym if you really must.

    There is really nothing mroe to it than that. The voice of Laura will tell you when to runa nd when to walk. All you have to do is lace up your shoes and press play. The rest taks care of itself. And if you keep doing that, 3 time a week, in 9 weeks time, or thereabouts, you'll be out doing 30 minute runs. It seems daunting now, and may seem like an impossible mountain to scale, I know it did for me, but it really works, as anyone on here who has completed the programme will tell you, and there are loads of folk on here who will provide support and answer questions along the way.

    Now, headphones on, trainers on... go!

  • thanks for that adivce...tonights the night when I get in from work!! Just hoping people dont stand and stare or even point...need to go somewhere where i dont know people lol

  • I felt exactly like that, I was terrified of meeting someone I knew in my first couple of weeks! After that I just stopped caring apart from to hope I didn't in case they wanted to stop and chat. ;-)

    I second the advice just to get out there, press play and do what Laura says. This programme is like a little piece of magic and it really works. It's improved my health and even better it's improved my self esteem in 9 short weeks!

    Good luck and come back and tell us how you got on later :-)

  • I had that fear too that people would look and be unable not to snigger but no-one took a blind bit of notice. They're all too busy wondering what everyone thinks of them!

    My advice is - get into your kit and literally be ready to walk out the door, read some posts on here from people who have done it and when you feel a surge of get up and go - get yourself out the door!

    I did that yesterday and it took me all day to get out but I did it.

    Run as slow as you need to. I almost went backwards in the last few "runs" I was going so slow but it was the only way to get through it. I did 20 seconds on my first practise run and yesterday I did the full 60, although not them all. It was hard, very hard, but that's why the sense of accomplishment is so massive! I feel like I ran a marathon yesterday!

    Also - don't put pressure on yourself to reach 60 secs. Any amount of time running, jogging is good and you will get better every time - even by a couple of seconds. if you can't run, walk briskly - it's all great exercise and all of it will make you feel good because YOU DID IT!

    I promise that,no matter how awful you feel before you go out and how much you think you can't move - you WILL feel a sense of accomplishment if you do it and, even if the actually running/walking itself doesn't go as you might like, that will be worth it.

    I find running to be a hugely mental game. My body, although it is a bit rubbishy, is more under my thumb than my brain is. :p

  • Blimey, what are we like? It's like we're going out to shoot up with heroin or something and don't want anyone to know we're addicts! I actually started my walks in a whole 'nother country. :) And there I was schlepping along when a runner went past me going sideways swinging his arms, showing off! I was well impressed. (smug git! ) :P

  • Yes Sheila - just do it. You'll be fine with Laura and you'll be so pleased with yourself when you complete your first run. I run very early mornings so no one sees me (overweight and self conscious too) but I'm on Week 9 now and can honestly say no one takes a blind bit of notice of you. Unless they're running too in which case they're just thinking "Well done you"!

    Let us know how you get on, and you will find this forum the most supportive, inspiring and positive place there is. We're all doing the same thing and if you ever need advice there will always be someone to help

    Good luck - and go for it!!

  • First of all well done on making a decision to do something. Secondly as the others have said, just get out there with your app and do what Laura tells you. Go as slowly as you can on the running parts and don't worry about other people. This is for you and I am sure it'll be ok. (From someone who spent the first two weeks running in a wood in a different town so as not to be seen !! With hindsight and from a safety point of view this probably was not a good idea...)

  • I was worried that people would look and stare at how slow I was going but in fact most people just move out of your way. I run along the roads/lanes so met a few people but they just smiled. The other runners all nodded or waved. We now run on the Coastal path so meet a lot of Dog walkers, they just say Hello and try to stop their dogs from following us :) . I was once asked if I was ok but I was at the end of my fastest 5k to date - I probably looked like I needed medical assistance :)

    Just get out there you will feel so much better once you start. :) :) :)

    Happy Running

  • Well done! You actually have started by making your decision and I totally agree with the earlier comments. Keep calm about it, work out where you are going to run and go for it! After my first 60sec run I thought I was going to die there and then but listen to Laura, trust her and ........ YOU'LL DO IT! Good luck and good running!

  • Getting out of the front door is the hardest part for me too, and has been since I started c25k six months ago. But I'm so glad I did! this is a lovely time of the year to be out running - not too cold, lots to see en route. Don't worry about meeting people you know - Just look purposeful, give them a cheery hi or a wave and carry on. Let us know how you get on!

  • I am so overweight and unfit I started running in my living room - not on a treadmill, just round and round the living room. Did weeks 1 and 2, then hubby was off work on a week's holiday and I was too scared to tell him what I was doing in case he thought me stupid, so I stopped. Do you know - I hated that week! Have just started again from scratch and completed W1R3 this morning. Have graduated to running round the garden. When I get a bit fitter I will venture out. I promise you though, once you have done that first run you will feel fantastic. Even massively overweight me managed weeks 1 and 2 no problems and I am now thinking of what else I can do on the rest days because I miss the exercise. By downloading the podcast you are doing yourself a huge favour and you should be proud that you have take that first step! Good luck!!

  • I did that too! Any movement is better than none! Well done you! Just goes to show - where there's a will, there's usually always a way.

  • Another thing that motivates me is a page called "mapmy walk"/run/ I get a kick out of mapping how far I've gone! Numbers are a good motivator - to do just a wee bit more than last time. A few seconds is still an improvement.

    Well done on making that leap from thinking about it to wanting to actually do it. Let us know how you get on!

    I am still terrified (only done 1 run) but the ONLY thin g that will erase the fear is doing it.

    And remember - no matter when you do it, today, tomorrow, next year - it's going to be just as hard to get started. It will still be NOW. So - pick THIS NOW and start benefiting instead of worrying.

    I'm overweight myself and certainly, even if you are overweight, no-one is going to think badly of you. i always used to be so envious of people I saw running and if I ever saw a bigger person doing it I was very impressed and wished them well.

  • trust the plan, take it really slowly, have a structured routine that you follow and give yourself well earned rewards...oh and enjoy it. Good luck.

  • I'm on week three and the sense of achievement EACH time I do it is so powerful! I love the feeling. All my friends are amazed and can't stop telling people to try it. I no longer care that in bright red at the end (for ages!) my marathon friend gave me a top tip for as I couldn't believe how good she looked at the end..a spray tan! So good luck and best wishes x

  • Well.... I DID IT!!! not lying was bloody hard work and my face was like a beetroot. My 18yr old daughter came and helped me round pushing me to run whenever I was shattered. Can't say I thoroughly enjoyed it but I feel proud and ready for the next session. Thanks all for your messages theypushed me to get out of door and move!! Day off tomorrow then an other shot on Saturday

  • Yay! You can be proud of yourself and it just gets better...... Well done you!

  • Well a good place to start is a local park also ( if there is one in easy walking/ driving distance) - has the advantage of anonymity , there will often be other ' joggers ' there

    but really, since each ' programme' starts with 5 minutes warm up walk.. by the time you have done that.. you ARE away from home already so less worries about meeting people

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