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The Diary of a Prune

So I'm doing my second week of W4 (repeating every week) and feeling more and more like I'll be ready for the 20 minute milestone when it comes, despite the gremlins which have sprouted on each shoulder that tell me I'll never get past 5 minutes. I can't say how important running now is to me, what did I do without it?!

Was thinking about last time I tried to get into running a few years ago (cut short by appalling shin splints) as I was out this morning, and thought I'd try to rootle out my old diary. My memory is that I got to about the same stage I'm at now, before being forced to hop on the IC, which then turned into 4 years of sloth.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that almost 4 years ago to the day I was running for 35-40 minutes solid in the first week in May! The next entry just reads 'Shin splints :(' and nothing more.

I'm super worried this will happen again, even though I'm repeating each week, am religious about a rest day and do yoga on my days off to stretch out my legs. I can't stop thinking about SS and how rubbish it would be if it happened again. So my question is: has anyone had a really REALLY bad case of SS and how long did it take to overcome? Any thoughts gratefully received!

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AllieG had several months on the IC due to shin splints, it might be worth sending her a message.

Try not to worry about it, especially if you have had no issues this time around, but the most common cause is unsuitable footwear.


Thanks, I'll send a message. Well done on graduating, BTW!


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