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I need some positive help and advice on the onset of emphysema cause so far all I've read is negative

I've just received a letter from my lung specialist saying I have tiny small amounts of emphysema. This is nothing to be worried about and there is certainly no significant disease in lung. I've had pnuemonia 7 yrs ago and a pnumothrax 6 months ago. I'm fit and healthy I've never smoked, I'm terrified of whats to come and how long I've got left. I'm going to carry on doing running which I've done for years just hope this helps me. I'm 46 yrs with a husband and children I adore. Please if anyone can give me anything positive to go on I'd really appreciate it as I'min bits at the moment.

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I am so sorry to hear this. Firstly I hope you get the medical care that you need.

Have you tried a specific forum for emphysema?

I have a medical condition as well and found the support from those going through the same thing so helpful.

I wish you well


I've just come on to this site so stumbling around a bit in a blind panic. Thank you for your reply hopefully i'll find the right forum.

Hope you doing good..


I wish you all the best and that you can find the info you need on the part of this forum which is dedicated to lung conditions:


I can't give you any specific advice but I can tell you that my mum got this diagnosis a few years back and apparently she had it for some time and didn't know. Like you she never smoked. The doctor gave her an inhaler and told her not to worry as it wasn't life threatening. She is fit, can walk for miles and has a great quality of life and oh, by the way she's 82.

Maybe you should ask your doctor more questions so that you have more information about the condition. All the best.


Hi Irish princess

Just read your reply to happiness 123. How inspirational!! Your mom sounds amazing. Would love to talk to her. Is she on the

copd site?

Rubyxx 😊


Sadly she's not rubyred. Have just got her to use a mobile phone so the Internet is a step too far! All the best.


I agree with finding your specific site to help with your condition I am sure they will help to ease your mind. As you already run usually health advice is to keep doing what you already do. So if you ever need some encouragement as to why you should still be out running or just to feel part of the running community by all means feel free to come back here. I run a quest every week to help to keep people motivated and it could help as you set your own goals. Take care of yourself.


Thank you so much Irishprincess that's inspiring to hear about your mum and gives me hope. Realfoodieclub Thank you too, I real do need to run more now I know I've got this condition. I'm running 3 miles at the moment takes me 31 min's I know that's very slow but I'm hoping I'll start to pick up on my pace.

Julie x


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