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I've torn a ligament in my ankle :( Can anyone recommend an ankle support product to wear?

Hi all, so a week ago I was so happy to complete Wk5R3. It was blowing a gale on the seafront and so decided to run in a local park that had very uneven paths and felt some soreness in my ankle after the run. The pain got worse any by the evening, became swollen and painful and I've been limping around ever since. The Dr says it will take a 2-3 weeks to heal which is a real setback as was feeling so inspired to start Wk6. I just wondered if anyone else had had an ankle sprain and could recommend an ankle support for a small ankle/size 5 foot? Thank you :)

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Listen to your Doctor and do not try running on a torn ligament, you will only exacerbate the injury and put yourself out of action for longer.

Having said that, I have torn my medial collateral ligament at the moment and have a race this weekend I simply can't miss, so...

KT tape is your friend here. There are loads of videos on You Tube on how to tape for various types of injury. It wil work better than a brace. Also ice it regularly. Liek 6 or 8 times a day for 5-10 minutes a time.


Many thanks for your reply and good advice Rignold. I hope you make a quick recovery with your ligament injury in time for your race at the weekend. I'll try the KT tape in a week or so when hopefully it will be better and I can run again.


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