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Restarting after 2 years

Hi! This is my third attempt. I've had a two year lay-off due to laziness, sore calves and a bit of ill health. Week 5 was my nemesis previously so this time I'm going to take it very gently and do each week twice before moving on.

Currently, I can cover 5k just inside an hour of walking if I push it. I dog walk regularly so have some walking fitness - I can keep going (albeit at a leisurely pace) for a couple of hours. What I don't have is speed.

My first target, as well as those set by C25K is to cover 5k in 55min or less.

My (very) long term goals are to get a graduate tee from here and a ParkRun 50 T

I'm using runkeeper on my iphone to keep track of my efforts.

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All the best KDI. Slow and steady sounds like a plan.


Good luck starting again! I am in a similar position as you so will be good to follow your progress :)


You don't need speed! It's irrelevant. Slower the better. Slower gets you finished safely and ready for the next run.

See it through this time peeps. No quitting. You WILL be fit and healthy!!

I got fitter by walking the dog. I didn't have one so I borrowed one. Still do! Walking is really good at leg strengthening. It's good to do it on your non-running days

Good luck !!!


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