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Transporting running gear

Afternoon everyone,

This is probably more aimed at those who go to races/events, but would also be a question for people who travel to a parkrun.

What do you use to get all your running related bits and bobs to your running location?

Obviously I mean all the things that you aren't wearing by default, things like armbands/belts that you don't want in situ whilst travelling, drink bottles, running shoes (again if not wearing them while travelling), different clothes if the weather is changeable.

At the minute, when I go to parkrun, I grab any old carrier bag and shove bits in there and leave it all in the car when I get there. But for some of the events I've looked at lately the parking is quite a way from the event location so that wouldn't be ideal.

Does such a thing as a "running equipment backpack" exist?

I'm not looking for a backpack to carry stuff in whilst running, just for getting to/from a run. Maybe with somewhere to carry dirty/wet running shoes after.

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A wheelbarrow! ;)

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I think I might use the scruffiest plastic bag available, so it doesn't look tempting to anyone who fancies half-inching it whilst I'm running. We're lucky in Skipton - there are lockers available in the local swimming pool just next to the run.


Usually a cheap drawstring bag thing I got from work. All the event races I've been to have had places to store your bags (park run excluded) when you get there. I make sure to only leave clothing/food in it, that way if it got pinched (since most are not secure) I wouldn't be too upset. I keep my phone in my armband with any money etc. :)


our park run has a tree where you can leave your stuff and its fine.... what about this? Your shoes would fit and you can check out yourself in the mirror ;)


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