Couch to 5K

Had to give up 😒

Sadly I have had to give up running C25k for the foreseeable future due to ankle injury which is taking time to heal. I am gutted as I was doing much better than I thought I would.

Hopefully I will be able to take it up again soon.

I am going on holiday in June so I hope that the ankle will be better by then as we have lots of walking planned at our cruise ports of call!

Good luck to everyone else!!

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Sorry to hear that and hope you recover soon


oh no, that's such a shame. Hope you have a quick reovery x


Don't give up, get well then come back to it!


Don't think of it as giving up, more as a protracted visit to the injury Couch. Hope you're back to full fitness soon


Aw no, I had an ankle injury at the start of week 3 on my first attempt of C25K last year. It was very stubborn and took a couple of months to recover. (I'm sure it was down to unsuitable trainers). Then winter arrived and so I started again in march this year armed with running shoes. Hopefully you will be ready to start again this year after your hols like you have said. Good luck and get well soon 😊


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