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Lesson learnt

Never go running after a 3 course dinner! Granted it was harvester so not really 3 courses and I just had chicken and for desert pancakes and banana which most went in my sons mouth.... Stitches on both sides going right across! But I battled. During the walks and held and rubbed the stitch, I slowed down, and concentrated on my breathing and it wasn't that bad!

I feel energised! Not good when I need to go to bed but I'm sure I'll get a good nights rest!

Thank you for all your advice on how to combat the stitches! And also I think my enthusiasm might be rubbing of on the hubster! He might be starting the programme tomorrow! :)

Also, I look at week 3 and it fills me with dread. Is it that bad??? I can just about do 90 seconds. Thanks.

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You're doing well if you didn't vomit after a 3 course dinner! I find I need to leave an hour after eating before I run, so if you haven't been that'll make a real difference to your stitch situation :).

Don't panic about feeling nervous; your body will be ready and if it really isn't you can just repeat a week - no biggie. But I reckon you'll surprise yourself.


"Have you eaten at a Harvester before?"


Well done. I always run on empty. Leave a good long gap after a heavy meal or you risk feeling sick!


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