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Struggling but determined

Hi All. Got to the end of wk6 several weeks ago but have been struggling since then. Life kinda got in the way but I was also having to take longer and longer 'rest days' in between runs due to the pain in my knees. Anyway, I have now seen a Physio and whilst I cant resume running for another couple of weeks while I have treatment, he didn't say I should give it up altogether ( which I was expecting).

When I started the c25k, my goal was to take part in a Race for Life 5k. Its only 6 wks away and I don't know if I'm going to be able to finish the programme in time.

I know I'm never going to be an elite athlete but really want to do this Race for Life.

Am I clutching at straws hoping the second half of the programme will be easier than the first??!!

Just needed to have a moan



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If you can do week 6 you can't be too far off the 5k. All sorts of people do the RFL and many will walk part of it. You can definitely take part even if you need to take a couple of walk breaks. Good luck!


If you have got to the end of week 6, then physically, you are ready. The last few weeks of the program are about consolidating that fitness level and overcoming the mind gremlins! So, yes, you can certainly do the Race for Life. Try to keep your hard won fitness levels up by taking some brisk walks while you are taking a break from running and as Ullyrunner says, on the day, you will find many people walking more than running anyway.

(Maybe as a double incentive, you could time it so the RfL is your graduation run...)


Walk/run it. You will be fine. Run what you can plus a bit more then take a walk break


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