Week 8, run 2, podcast stopped but kept going

I always run out of data on my phone just before my new billing month starts on the 27th of each month, and that's what happened today halfway through my run (I stream my podcasts while running). Laura had just told me I'd got to the halfway point (14 min). Somehow the endomondo app I had set kept going, I think that must just use gps rather than data, so that meant I at least had something telling me how many minutes I'd done after each km. At 17 min endomondo told me I'd done 2km, by which point Laura had vanished, so this really helped to spur me on to keep going for the full 28 min, and to follow my new technique of speeding up in the second half. At 24min Endomondo told me I'd done 3km, and then I had to guess whereabouts the end of the 28 mins would be (trying to remember where I reached on Monday's run). I checked my phone at exactly 28.01 mins, so I definitely gauged that well! It was 3.51km overall, which I realise is nowehere near 5km. But I'm so pleased to have done another 28 min, without Laura's encouragement this time (for half of it), and I know I'm already going a lot faster than I was last week, so I'm hopeful to be able to run 4k by next week at the very least, and definitely be able to do 30 min :)

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  • Glad you had a good run.

    Have you considered downloading the podcasts and just playing them as MP3s? This would save your data allowance.

  • I have considered this, but there's no saving on data by downloading them in advance, (I don't have broadband at home, working from a dongle which is also data). I guess a week like this where it's the same thing 3 times I'd only have to download it once... Tbh I'm impressed with myself to have even worked out how to stream them. Perhaps I need to educate myself about how to put mp3s on my phone

  • Well done - especially with all the tech issues. This would have really thrown me off.

    I use the podcasts as MP3's like Dunder2004. I just transferred them using the charger lead into my USB port.

    I have them saved on my computer now so if you want me to email them to you to save your data - let me know.

  • Thanks - my windows phone does everything via onedrive, which I manage to make work for images and documents, so I just need to work out how to put mp3 files on there too. Once things are on the onedrive then they can be transferred to the phone, perhaps while I'm in a cafe with wifi... I'll look into it this weekend I think as I will prob be wanting to put some music and stuff on there too for when I've finished following the podcasts...

  • That's a reasonable time for 3.5K, most of us new runners do the same. Congrats on not getting phased and stopping just coz Laura disappeared! Dunder is right, the podcasts are supposed to be more stable than the app, and don't use your data. XX

  • Thanks, I've been taking encouragement from other people's graduation runs not being 5k either. I have short legs - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it (plus started this process from a quite unfit state). The podcasts don't use much data, so it's not normally a problem. I've only been caught short on 2 runs, and I had a sneaking suspicion it might happen which is why I set the endomondo at the start of the run too.

  • I have very very long legs, but they don't make me run any further or faster than you!

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