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Do you dream about running?

I just woke from one of those delicious dreams where you are just below the surface but kind of know you are dreaming. And I was running and running. Through sunlit pine woods and by mountain streams. I ran for miles with ease and it was just glorious.

Now, if only I had remembered to set Runkeeper going ....

Do you have running dreams too?

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Haha :D Bloomin' Runkeeper! What a lovely dream Ully, you lucky girl, haven't had a good running dream for ages. When my children were babies I had a recurring dream that I tripped and let go of the pram handle at the top of a hill. As the pram and screaming child sped down the hill (think Battleship Potempkin here) I found I was chasing after them, either running backwards or, worse still, my legs were moving so slowly that it felt like I was wading through treacle. Dread to think what that says about my subconscious mind, :-O * dashes off to ring first shrink in Yellow Pages* xx


My reply just vanished! So annoying.

This reminds me of horrible dreams I used to have about being late to pick up the children. I would find I was hemmed in by crowds or on the wrong platform or at the wrong station. Nightmare!😣 All to do with the guilt of the working mother I suppose.


That sounds lovely; you're definitely addicted!!


Hi ullyrunner

mmmmm. Now in my dreams I win marathons so easily, the Olympics too. It doesn't seem half as hard work some how.

One day I might even complete 10 k in an hour. I 'll keep plodding on.

Happy running peeps


I was running in my dreams last week (the week of my graduation). I started to run a 5k but every time my husband snored I had to start the distance again. I started this run over and over again and in the end kicked my husband so that he stopped snoring and I could finish my 5k. :)


These snoring husbands have a lot to answer for! Perhaps he's trying to train you to do longer distances.


I had a dream a while ago about an upcoming race, the Manchester 10k. I dreamt that I had to buy another chip for £30 as I'd forgotten mine, and then I ended up getting lost, haha! A tad bit nervous methinks! :)


I didn't know it was possible to dream about running that didn't involve stumbling/falling over.


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