Nag, Nag, Nag

So it paid off - thanks for all your Nags. Knees still sore but not when running - just all the rest of the time. Need to move to a bungalow. Did the Interval podcast - so only 18 mins running. Will do 30 mins again (hopefully) on Thurs. Isn't this weather just gorgeous. Thanks to advice from Ullyrunner I bought some wrap around sunshades today - £15. So hopefully won't be troubled by the glare anymore. Shoes, shades, ipod armbands - cheap sport! Haven't started on the clothes or tech bits yet.

Is there a way of looking people up on this forum - say I wanted to see what Parkypark for example was up to or check on a name, or find a previous post - is there anyway of doing that other than just scrolling through loads of past random posts to find people? I sometimes seem to lose track of threads and comments that people have made - they're perhaps on a different thread and I can never remember where they were or how to find them again. People must think I ignore them sometimes?


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16 Replies

  • You can follow people when they post something and then look back at their activity at a later point... accessible by looking at the 'people I follow' link I think...

    update - I just tried that and it didn't work - why isn't the 'following' button linked to a list of people I've followed? You're right it's a bit difficult to do then...

  • Thanks for that - I wondered if that was the only way. I need to follow a few more people then I can find them again easily. Thanks

  • Well done Buffy.

    If you go to the C25K 'home' page here:

    There is a 'Find members' feature in the right-most column. Enter a member's name (or part of a name) and then select the member that you are looking up. The result will tell you all their recent posts, as well as all their recent comments to other posts.

  • Oh that's brilliant - thank you, I'll give it a go.

  • What an amazing find - I can stalk everyone now! Thanks again.

  • Hi Buffy, I'm here! Well done on getting out there today. I'm glad the knees held out, it certainly was a beautiful day. Funnily enough, I wore my new running shades today too - I felt very professional! Didn't help with my running though, everything was wrong from the beginning but I got to 4.5k in the end. Hoping for an easier time on Thursday.

    Glad you asked about finding people - I feel I miss things sometimes too and I couldn't work out how to find people's comments rather than just their own posts - thanks MarkyD.

    How did you enjoy the interval podcast? I haven't tried any of them yet but might give them a go. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  • Hi there - intervals was good - I enjoyed it (liar!) No, it was fine - but I didn't go very far so ended up with a lot of walking at the end - could have taken the short cut back but thought I'd continue my usual roughly 5k route - seemed to take ages. I'll go for a slower, longer run on Thurs I think. I've only had a week off but feel like I need to get back in the groove. Are you keeping up your 3 runs a week - I see you're training for 10k. Well done. One needs the next goal doesn't one.

  • Yes, I find it easier when I've got a goal and I'm all signed up for the 10k now so there's no turning back! I managed two runs and a cycle with my daughter last week and it will probably be two outside runs and one on the treadmill this week. Mr Parky's away so weekend runs have to fit in with the little lady's schedule! She does a class at the gym on Saturday mornings so it's easy for me to jump on the treadmill while she's doing that. I'd rather be outside but needs must! It's funny how running has become such a big part of my life now, I really do plan my runs alongside everything else and I really don't like it if anything gets in the way! Hope you get out on Thursday, it would be great if this weather stuck around for a while!

  • Yes, new way of life isn't it. Enjoy your runs. xx

  • Well done! Stairs are always painful for me too, whether I run or not. Will defo buy a bungalow or a flat with a lift next time!

  • Well done, Buffy, and check you out in your shades, with your arm band and all that jazz. My arm band was no good, too big, so I am the proud owner of a rather fetching bum bag now. That's what got me going on Garmin-type things, because it was so annoying faffing about trying to get my phone out while I was jogging along, and the bum bag wouldn't stay put! Glad you got out today, and on such a nice day. How did you find the intervals thing? Is that part of C25K+?

  • Intervals was good - not sure whether I kept to the pace as didn't go a great distance - but it got me out again - and Laura was very good. I'll try and do a longer, slower distance next time - get back up to my 5k or 30 mins. Funny how on the warm up walk I struggled to keep the pace and felt my right calf tight as always, but by the time one is on the warm down, I'm easily in the beat. The power of exercise. This forum never ceases to amaze me how many people are getting out there and doing it. Aren't we all wonderful! The NHS should put c25k on prescription.

  • 😊😊

  • Good on ya Buffers , about time n' all ! :-D

    Only joking :-)

    I took up running cos I thought it would be cheap, ha ha , you will find yourself poring over running gear, shoes , the lot ha ha

    Mind you, a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do ! :-) xxx

  • Quite right PP - I need to find your post and find out what happened to you and that physio earlier today ...... Don't think I heard such a loud scream earlier this evening ....

  • Ha ha, its hard to scream when youve got your hand in your mouth :-D xxx

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