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This is hard!!!

I have a 10K "Twilight" Run to do in 2 weeks time I know that I can run 10K - have done it quite a few times - but the question is -- can I run it at 7 mins per K pace and even more importantly at a temp of 29.5C and 60% humidity. It starts at 5PM and I always run in the early morning so I tried it today at 5PM - I managed to do 6.6K ( all that I had planned to do at 6:53 per K) but I was quite tired by then ( but the temp had dropped a half of a degree by then ) . The next 3.6K is going to be interesting!!!! I have 5 more training runs left after today . I am going to take it out to an hour in practice and "hope" that the excitement of the day gets me the rest of the way across the line.

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You have quite a bit to think about on the race proper so how you feel sort of gets forgotten as the mechanics of the race process come to the fore. You are more involved in knowing where you're going and looking out for obstacles, which there are in a packed field. Yesterday those no parking bollards were the main hazard.

If you have trained properly for your race, and hydrate and eat well in the weeks beforehand, and are fit enough then you should be ready. On race day, if it's hot then you have to go slower and drink when it's offered and take your own drink too with some electrolytes in it

Taking in the sights and sounds on race day is a distraction from your running, ànd can take your mind off it somewhat. On hills though you tend not to notice what's happening around you. You can have a breather at the top though and take in the view, if there is one. I once ran in a very hilly race on a hot day and was really elated when i saw the road sign "Hillcrest" as it meant I'd made it to the top and it was done. Little things mean a lot. LOL

I wouldn't have any tIme or pace aspirations if the conditions are going to be extreme. Getting round safely will be the main thing


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