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After C25K

First post C25K run this morning, after feeling on a high after Graduation I felt a lack of motivation but got up (05:30) get ready and hit the streets. Once out I got the buzz back however decided to do C25K+ Stepping stone. I had already read up on it and it involves BPM running so I grabbed my glow sticks and whistle and off I went. Laura was on form today, nagging more than the wife :)

First bit at 150 BPM was a bit uncomfortable as I wanted to go a bit faster, the 155 was about right and 160 is what I really needed.

I ran 3.5 Km so not too bad.

Glow sticks lasted all the way round and I lost the whistle after the first 10 mins :)

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Oh, I need motivation - maybe I'll try that tomorrow. See you at 5.30!


I have done 2 runs since graduation and found the motivation problem was not so much getting started but going beyond the 25 minute point. Both runs reached a suitable stopping point between 25 and 30 minutes, and it just was too easy to do so bi am wanting to make 1 of my 3 a longer run, building up to 5k, but I haven't been able to psych myself up to do it yet. I have yet to try a stepping stones type run. Good luck.


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