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After C25K - what I’m learning

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Much to my surprise, I graduated a couple of weeks ago (23 June ‘21) and could not have been more delighted.

So, having achieved my goal I was determined to keep running. But how to do it?

Firstly I have kept reminding myself how brilliant I feel after a run. Also, how much it’s changed and improved me physically.

Secondly, I’ve set new goals. These are goals I’m really curious to achieve. Like running a 5k in under 30 mins, running for further than 5k, running up (small) hills and also finding new & interesting places to run.

I’ve run six 5k ‘s now since graduating and it feels like I’ve discovered a whole bee world at 55! To think I had a triple heart bypass 2 years ago gives me even more incentive to keep on running.

I’ve registered for Parkrun too. Why not eh?

So wherever you are on your C25K journey, believe in yourself, be proud of what you’re doing and know that you can be constantly amazed at what you can achieve. 😃

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What an inspirational post well done

Swaino1 profile image

‘bee’ = new. Typo!

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BaddieThePirateGraduate in reply to Swaino1

Really disappointed. Thought you were spotting bees as you run along 🐝🐝🐝

Swaino1 profile image
Swaino1Graduate in reply to BaddieThePirate

Oh I have seen a few. 😁

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MummycavModerator in reply to Swaino1

I thought the same…there does seem to have been a lot around this year though 😉🐝

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Yes! Exactly this. Well done for everything you have achieved - so far! In many ways this is the start of your journey. Achievable goals are good! I did make a mistake of setting an unachievable goal for myself. I soon sidestepped it and set some more realistic goals, which I did achieve.

Good luck and keep running! 😊👏👍

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Swaino1Graduate in reply to Jools2020

Thanks Jools. You’re right about achievable goals. The last thing I need is to demotivate myself, so I keep my goals realistic and fun too. All the best to you too!

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Hepsibah in reply to Jools2020

Hello Jools2020, will u go back and attempt your unachievable goal in the future when u are more prepared?

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Jools2020Graduate in reply to Hepsibah

Never say never! My goal was to achieve 5K in 30 minutes. I decided to run for longer instead, aiming for a HM. Every now and then, I have a go at a new PB for 5K - but I’m a good 5 minutes away from that magic 30 minutes and it’s not my focus, especially as my fitness level currently is not what it was. 😊

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Hepsibah in reply to Jools2020

Well I’m not sure what an unachievable goal is but IMO running a half marathon - which u have done I think - is pretty impressive to me. All relative I guess, that’s why I don’t like it when people tell u that ‘u can do this’ when they just don’t know. Anyway very well done so far. 👍

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Jools2020Graduate in reply to Hepsibah

Thank you. Yes, I ran my HM in December. It was exciting having a goal I thought I could achieve, although it took around 6 months! Good luck with your running journey! 😊👍

Such an inspiring post and smile! Keep going! 🥇

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Ah well done Swaino1, I discovered a whole bee 🐝 world too when I started on this journey! And a new one 😊 too. Thank you for an inspiring post 👍👍👍.

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Swaino1Graduate in reply to Frenc

Ha ha! One of my better typos there. 😁 But still, bees are pretty good!

Frenc profile image
FrencGraduate in reply to Swaino1

Bees 🐝 are brill! 😊

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Well done and well said 👍👏👏👏

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My suggestion is not to chase the pace but to gradually extend the distance and/or time by little increments. The speed will come on its own eventually.

Well done!

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Swaino1Graduate in reply to nowster

Thanks very much for the advice. Really appreciate it.

Brilliant post, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. Good luck as you continue your journey, I look forward to hearing about it.

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Swaino1Graduate in reply to PickledRadish

Oh thanks for good wishes. They all help me to keep going. ☺️

Super result. Great goals. Good to know you’re running after your op. I’ve been looking after a friend who has just had a quadruple. His goal is C25K once he has recuperated, so I was particularly pleased I see your post.Dare you to run up a big hill! 😁

HevvyH profile image

Fantastic achievement after your op and good luck with your future goals.

Thanks so much for sharing that. Truly inspirational. May you have wings on your feet 😊

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What an inspiration just what I needed to hear today for my journey in to week 8 so thank you and happy running 🏃‍♂️

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Swaino1Graduate in reply to Lola-bear

Hey thank you Lola-bear. I’m glad I helped you a little bit. But it’s really YOU that’s helping yourself by keeping going and not giving up. 😃 You go for it and look forward to feeling so proud of yourself when you run those final steps of week 9!

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Lola-bearGraduate in reply to Swaino1


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Well done Swaino1 , you’ve come such a long way and we are VERY pleased you’re here!!! The running world is a whole world going on unbeknown to non runners …& so is this forum, I couldn’t believe what I was missing out on when I discovered it and now I have a whole new bunch of friends too!!! Your post will inspire so many people who might be having a ‘wobble’ to keep going…and we are cheering them all on and I hope they can hear us 👏🏻👏🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Swaino1 profile image
Swaino1Graduate in reply to Mummycav

Well thank YOU for comments too. You are so right when you talk about the hidden world of running. That’s a brilliant way of describing it. It really is lovely to be part of something so positive and supportive. And it means so much to me to be able to give back support to other people, just like others helped me when I found things tough going. Good luck on your journey too and keep enjoying the hidden world of running! 😃

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Thanks so much for sharing these words of encouragement!!!! I am 1 run away from the finish - rest day today W9R3 after that. Yes I run very slowly, yes I do not always fell like going outside if it’s cold, BUT I have kept going and am now so impressed with my efforts!!!! Your journey sounds amazing - I’m the same age as you and I hope to keep running.

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Congratulations on graduating!!!!! Thanks for your encouraging and inspirational post Swaino1! I’m the same age as you and I’ve now got to W9R3 - today…after work !!!! Keep on keeping on, run and enjoy - I’m so glad to hear your story…it’s never too late to do exercise, that’s what I tell myself when it’s cold, I run very slowly and I start to feel like things aren’t going well. Thanks

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Your post made me smile I could have written the exact same goal list at the same point in my journey. I am six months ahead of you and a couple of years older but by running at least three times a week to start I have ticked off those goals so I know you will too.

As others have said distance training did the trick for me and the speed sorted itself out. The magic of the weekly long run. I just made sure each week was longer than the last one till I got to HM distance.

I have also discovered hills aren’t as bad as they look if you slow down.

Good luck with your journey from here.

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Swaino1Graduate in reply to B1GK9

Thanks very much for your kind words. And it’s really good to hear your story. Massive congratulations! So yes, I think I’m going to aim for running further and let the pace sort itself out. And thanks for the hint on hills. That’s my next challenge so I shall heed your wise words. 😃

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Happy smiley healthy runner, it’s addictive definitely well done to you!

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