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Change of plan

So after many restarts and repeat weeks I found myself wanting to try a different way of doing my runs so I didn't get bored and start missing them again. Looks like I've found a way that works for me. Got up to week 7 (again) but now I no longer run with Laura. I put my anime shows on while running on my treadmill, a couple of episodes lasts 40 mins, so I do my 5 mins warm up, run for 30 mins and 5 mins warm down, still not very fast or hitting 5k but that'll come with time. Happy days :)

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I think that whatever works for you is fine. What you might consider is having some means of measuring your progress. For me, ticking off the runs, adding to my monthly distance total and the (very occaisionally) PB are things that drive me on.

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From your post I assume you run on a treadmill. If this is so, you could go out doors. It's so much better and you will find it more interesting. I like so many on this forum can't think of anything more boring than the treadmill. Give it a go.


Treadmill it is, mainly due to the times I run, going out isnt always an option, but I do pop out now and then, funny thing is it always seems harder when I'm not on the treadmill, all in my mind probably


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