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W7R1 and 3 quarters

I was going to go out for my run today, but the sky started to turn black do I headed to the gym instead. Despite having a down week in w6 I really enjoyed it and powered through just fine. I really enjoyed it. The thing I love is that despite being knackered at the end, by the time I complete the warm-down I am ready to go again!

Anyway, someone came up to me as I was stretching and asked 'how do I become a runner like you?' You might think there was an element of sarcasm... But there wasn't! It made me feel great, and I directed them to here.

On my way out, I was chatting to one of the instructors (pretty & female) and she said she was watching me and was impressed with how I had come on. Also said that I lost weight and was looking good. Now I know 'shmoozing' is part of their job, but it still made me feel great.

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Oh how lovely to have comments like that! Keeps you on your toes doesn't it- I mean you can't fall by the wayside now! Keep it up x :-)


How fantastic is that. Sitting on the couch won't bring compliments like that. Well done ;-)


Fab post Christop, Blimey you will need a big stick soon to beat all the women off :-)

Always good to get a nice compliment innit ? :-) xxx


Wow! I wouldn't say that was Schmoozing they wouldn't say it if it wasn't true! I hope you told the other person all about C25K....


Amazing comment - must have made you feel fantastic.


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