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My knees - Ouch!

I'm on W3 R2 and so far I'm really enjoying it! (Never thought I would say that about running) One problem though is my knees are really hurting after a run. They ache a bit during the run, but nothing that would make me stop. But as soon as I stop running and the following day, they seem to have almost seized up. I stretch before and after a run and do the full warm up and warm downs that Laura recommends. What am I doing wrong? What can I do differently? Any advice would be great - I really don't want to have to stop running as I feel in this short space of time I have really made an improvement and achieved something. Help! :)

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Hi JoJo I had so much knee trouble whilst I was doing the programme and eventually ended up on the injury couch for a couple of months. You need to address the root cause of your problem. Firstly, are your shoes right for your gait? Gait analysis could help assess whether or not you're running in the best shoes for you. Even if your shoes are completely perfect for you, a gel insole could make them even better. They're not expensive ( about £7 from Sports Direct) and they act as mini shock absorbers, reducing the impact on your joints.

Secondly, are you doing regular quad strengthening exercises? My lovely physio reckoned all runners should be doing them to protect their knees. I've included a link to the ones he gave me, although there are others in the pinned posts on this forum. The only time I get knee pain now is if I neglect these exercises. They really do help.

Finally, don't run if your knees hurt. Rest, Ice and Elevation really are your friends.

Good luck :)


Thanks AM. This is really useful. I haven't had a gait analysis, so I think that'll be the first step. And the quad exercises look great. Thanks for your help. I really hope it doesn't slow me down for long.


AM is right :D touch wood i have only had niggles which have cleared with rest ... we have to look after our running bodies :D

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yes, definitely get the right shoes for you..

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