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I just want to share relevant information with people who may be a little (or a lot) overweight. Please do go to your GP and ask for a referral to podiatry, about 5 years ago I was pretty much incapable of staying on my feet at work for more than an hour or so, I was diagnosed with ostheoarthritis in my big toes, I have ran all my life and absolutely love the feeling I get from running. It was pretty depressing being told to stop running, I started walking, and got some very good quality boots, the guy in the shop pointed out I was really flat footed, I had no idea I was. He suggested I go to a podiatrist.

I am really enjoying c25k, its a lovely introduction to running, as we get older and heavier our feet do some strange things, our feet are the most complex bone system in our bodys, look after your feet people x


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  • Thanks Jason. I think this can refer to anybody big or small. I've been thin all my life (even when pregnant) and still have severe osteoarthritis in my poor old big toe. I agree that our feet are very complcated and we tend to ignore them until it's too late. I nag my children to look after their feet and excerise them etc but think they're probably not hearing me!!!

  • Good points, most of us never think of our feet, they're at the other end of our bodies, right? but they carry us around all our lives..luckily I've never liked high heels or pointy toes, those are the killers for us girls!

  • Proper insoles cam also help with knee amd even hip problems as they realign your legs. I spent many years ignoring foot pain before getting insoles. They fixed my feet and my knees. So well worth checking out. I use mine full time not just when running.

  • In my area, you can self-refer.

    One place you sort of lose weight as you get older is the soles of your feet (they spread but you get less padding underneath)

  • thanks jason , interesting post, although i have been lately to my chiropodist/podiarist since i started running was going to make an appointment as my feet deserve some papering now :D will be interested to see what she says :D

  • Good post very interesting. It is amazing though the amount of people who do not run in proper running shoes. I couldn't believe the difference thy made when I attempted the C25K last time. It is so true, we should look after our feet more than we do as we just take them for granted. Good luck.

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