I've iced it. I've given it a damned good hard rub (as instructed by Juicyju) and I've squeezed my foam roller between my thighs to give me some relief........ no avail!!

My groin is still feeling sore. I haven't run since SUNDAY in the vain hope that a rest will cure my ills. I had to fix my heating system today owing to a radiator valve deciding to leak all over the bloody lounge floor, and I was up and down stairs like a plumbing ninja! Suffice to say I fixed the problem which must've saved me a small fortune, by changing the valve etc. But my groin made me know that despite my two high speed walks to the plumbers merchants and my up and down stairs a million times, that it wasn't having any of it!!!

I can only think that I must rest it up? Bugger, bugger bugger, boll***s, sh**, !!!!

If any other peeps have sage advice about my groin, then I'm up for listening. I've told Mrs Dan that my "Special Area" is out of bounds until further notice.....

I look forward to your anticipated amusing replies!!!

Yer pal



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32 Replies

  • You'd better stay away from the cinema this weekend then, from what I've heard ...!

  • mean that godawful film coming out? 50 Shades of SH**!! Don't worry......I aint going near that one!

  • Me neither. I read the first book to see what all the fuss was about - what a load of bollocks (literally actually in some places!). I really worry about how young girls' (and lads' actually) expectations of a healthy sex life are being adversely affected by this crap. I'm not so old as to advocate 'lie back and think of England' and I like spicing it up as much as the next girl, but I'm very glad I'm not an impressionable teenage virgin ...

  • Dan, sorry to hear that your groin is still not right. I'm guessing that the pain is non-specific, no particular area/muscle etc seems to be at fault, and that the pain is worse when you're walking and you cannot run without pain. Did your hip/leg seize up and you couldn't walk around comfortably when you first noticed the pain? What happens overnight? Does it feel OK when you wake up and then starts to be sore when you get up?

    I'm speaking from experience of a minor femoral stress fracture in my upper thigh.

  • It's a specific muscle at the top of my right thigh - very close to"love conkers" so to speak. Walking was a bit sore yesterday but today it seems to be less so. Sleeping ok but aware of muscle when I walk around.

  • Good news. Not a stress fracture then if you've identified a muscle.

  • Mmmmm. Gaffer tape and rope. . I heard b and q had stocked up - clearly plumbers merchants are diversifying too

    Me. I am running- this weekend . I prefer it to the flicks!!!

    Hope the groin improves Dan. Enjoy valentines day!!!!!!

  • Fanks Julie babe!

  • this still the C25k forum ?? haha thought it was an extract from 50 shades of grey ;)

  • Its the way I tell ;'em!

  • Sounds like it'll be more like 50 Shades of Frozen Peas...

  • Ha ha, LOL


    Give your groin a good rest, few painkillers and it'll be fine.

  • Bloody love your replies MW. No nonsense, good advice. THANK YOUUUU!!

  • sounds very uncomfortable. eeek.

    hope you feel better soon Dan

  • thank you Zeverama.

  • No, I'm always raring to head to the doctors if there's reason to go. I'm lying on the floor, holding my big pink foam roller between my thighs and squeezing them together. That definitely feels likes its doing summat.....

  • Dan, cripes! No go area indeed! Just a thought.......are you prone to a bit of a dodgy back? Might be related? Try some gentle back stretches. Hope it gets better soon. VERY Frustrating!

  • Thank you flossieblow. Am prone to backache yes. Have started a regime of core strengthening exercises though to try and make myself stronger around the core.

  • Excellent; don't go mad though. (Don't forget the very gentle stretches as well, nothing too like competitive yoga!) Hope you don't have to do 'upanddownstairs' plumbing marathons today!

  • Ouchy Ouch! I feel your pain (in a non-literal way) Rest, rest and more rest m'dear, with maybe the occasional remedial massage, if you're good!

  • I'm never THAT good.... ;-)


    Hi Dan i guess youve already looked this all up, but this might help, i partularly liked the strange illustration on no 5! What a pain in the *** :( get well soon won't you...... x

  • Ooooh thanks ALi. Will take a butchers...

    Just did. Fab link so thanks. Espesh the PICTURE 5....!!!

  • my surname IS Butcher too!

    pic 5 is just comical! :x

    get well soon Dan :)

  • Oh no! As I am a mere 6 months from being a qualified (very junior) doctor I feel almost able to reassure you that the GP would most likely simply recommend RICE (though I would not like to speculate about how one might 'elevate' such an injury)

    So I think a bit more rest and perhaps some painkillers are in order! Hope it clears up soon!

  • Thanks Dr Katie. May I be the first one call Dan to say congrats on your years at medical school which will soon culminate in the most glorious of qualifications! Well done.

    Just gonna have a Neurofen sandwich.....

  • Oh poor you, I'm not sniggering, oh no not me phner phner...just watch carefully where you put that ice pack...

  • Too late!!!!

  • It's funny, when you injure a part of your body that is considered 'a gray area' nobody takes it seriously.

    Try these sites

    I incorporate a groin stretch into my cool downs - seems to help as I sometimes feel a bit of tightness (next person to laugh will be sent to the headmaster!!!) there

  • Brillliant! Thanks ziggy!

  • Careful where you put that ice, Danny boy!! As I recall Chilly Willy was a penguin and not part of a gentleman's anatomy!

  • Oh Dan! I'm literally sat here crying with laughter at the thought of you and your pink roller....Mrs Dan must be enjoying this immensely! The only thing I can recommend as I have had groin strain in the past is very gentle stretching so as someone else suggested putting your feet together and your legs in a diamond and gently pushing your legs down.....hope you heal fast xxx

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