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Starting again after short break/illness

This is probably a silly question, as it's only me who'll know how I feel, but I'd appreciate any advice - I had got to the final run of week 8, and was doing well, and then had a week off for skiing (so at least keeping active!). However, on returning, I had a horrid cold, so have taken another week off to recover. I'm feeling a lot better, but not 100%, but I want to get back into the running before I lose all my progress.

Any thoughts on whether I should continue where I left off (last run of week 8) or whether I should try a couple of easier ones before getting back to where I was? Just not sure what a difference 2 weeks off the running will have made since I've been doing exactly my 3 runs a week since the start of the programme...

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Maybe do the final run of week 8 again and see how you feel. Take it very slowly and if you need to take a walking break then that's ok. Two weeks shouldn't make a big difference to your fitness but your cold might leave you feeling a bit more tired. Slow is good.


Thanks - sounds like a good plan! Fingers crossed


That's good advice from IP. You'll probably be fine, so long as you aren't still poorly. If it's too much, just take a walking break.


IP is right :) your fitness shouldnt be affected to much providing your cold has completely gone just take it steady and try week 8 see how it feels :D


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