Couch to 5K

w5r3 - done

I went to the gym today to complete w5r3 - 20 minutes continuous. I had a difficult time between 15 and 18, when my breathing went to pot, but then it all seemed to come together again and I finally stopped at 21 minutes. It was harder than I thought, even though I'd done a continuous 14 minutes on the last run. And I didn't have my ipod so had to track time on the treadmill and watch silent tv.

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Did same run as you yesterday. Well done, especially on that extra minute - I couldn't possibly have done that! My run was on the snow, but it wasn't nearly so difficult a surface as I'd thought.


Well done you too. I run on the treadmill, which I think is easier than outside. It'll be good to go back to intervals. I've been running really slow, which got me through, but I'm going to try upping the speed just a smidgeon, then slow down again for the long run. just gotta be careful.


Well done on completing it. It does seem to be the hump of the programme and you are now prepared for week 6. Take it steady though


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