Couch to 5K

Week 8 - got lost!

Done it ... and then some. I now realise the importance of planning your route before going for a run as I got completely lost on Wednesday (W8D2) and ran for about 35 mins as I was completely lost, took out my earphones to ask directions and just carried on running until I realised Laura had finished talking! I had an extra long warmdown walk however as I had 2 miles to walk back >_<

Anyway, Day 3 of Week 8 done today - actually ran for 30 mins as I ran with a friend and was "chatting" - that is, he was talking and I was grunting back at him as I haven't mastered the art of talking and running yet ;o)

Looking forward to graduating next week and planning my 5k goal.

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Well done Jules! I should have done W8R3 today but silly me didn't look properly or notice that I clicked on W9R1 by mistake in the app so I also unexpectedly ran for 30 minutes. I'll just carry on with the rest of week 9 now as it was definitely do-able :)


Well done!


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