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Help me find "me" again....I procrastinate too much and at 56 I need to stop doing so and lovely to hear from others thankyou

Hi all, writing from Australia came across your site and read some inspiring stories. I am 56 years old and 12kilos overweight....definitely a couch potato..mso tired of myself and after going through serious cancer 7 years ago and now recovered I want to get the "old me" back...hopefully I can do so with some of you givibg me support....appreciated 💛

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Well, you've come to the right place for fixing yourself. Couch to 5k run walk programme is brilliant! 9 weeks of gentle walk jog run. It's slow, unhurried and eminently do-able by folks of all ages and fitness levels. It's one of those rare occasions when slow really is better. So, for those off the couch it's a great way to get moving, get fit and slim down.

Myself, and many others have done so, and so can you. The podcasts/app are free. How good is that! Also, to complement the programme, it's good if you try and walk more as well. Swimming, cycling, dancing etc are all good ways of getting more mobile. Once you start, keep going, as the calorie burn from the momentum you generate from exercise carries on after you've stopped.

On here there is a weight loss and a walking community as the three do work well alongside each other

I hope you will dive in and make a start. Sooner the better if you want to re-discover yourself. Good luck!

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Welcome to the club! I started this journey aged 55, borderline diabetic (type 2) and weighing over 15 stones. I couldn't climb stairs and talk at the same time. I felt OLD. Then I took up C25k as a bet. The first run almost killed me! 9 weeks later and I ran (plodded) for 30 mins continuosly. A couple of months later I ran my first 5k run. Now closer to 60 than 59, I parkrun most every week and ran my first marathon in Paris this month. I feel decades younger than I was before I started running, my weight hovers around 11 stone (still need to lose that last half a stone!) and my circle of friends has grown enourmously.

So, what are you waiting for? Yes, you will feel tired when you start - but it's a GOOD tired rather than just a ground down and as you tick off each of the runs, you will amaze yourself at how quickly you are progressing and you will feel good about yourself (one of the most amazing things about this program is how self affirming it is). It will make you realise, that if you put your mind to it, you can do just about anything you want. All it takes is that first step...

Take it - then come back and let us know how you get on. We will be with you all the way. :)


Welcome ! I started C25K at 58 and overweight and it has really changed how I feel about myself. It is hard, no doubt about it, but every successful run and the progress you make in your fitness really boosts your confidence. Go for it and good luck !!

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Well done you! Finding This is the beginning!

You'll find lots of support. I am 62 started last year in September and about to do my first 10K..... not racing but I will finish. I am still around 2 and half stones overweight. I don't find running easy ... mine is a slow jog. But getting out there and pushing yourself makes you feel good. You CAN do this ... one step and you're away!!


This is the most inspiring and supportive community I've ever known, so welcome. All you need to do is get some trainers (and possibly a sports bra - sorry, can't tell), download the pod cast for Week 1 Run 1 and get out there. Great that you're through cancer - that must have been so hard, and now you want to get your old you back - fully understand that. So up you get and off you go! Nice and slowly, then come back and tell us all about it. There's loads of good stuff that happens as if by magic after that :) Good luck!