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Runkeeper and rffl

Morning all,

Graduated months ago now. Eased back over xmas, mainly cos i was drinking and am finding it hard to run after alcohol. But am now back to 5-7 k 3 times a week, and no booze.

I take my phone running and use runkeeper. In thinking of having a go at one of the free programmes on runkeeper, running for fat loss (rffl). It's 3 / 4 times a week, and seems to introduce some interval stuff (harder running over shorter times, and even sprinting) as well as some longer steady runs. Thinking it might provide some variety, while I wait for daylight to return in the evenings, so I can vary my routes a bit. And I could certainly use losing a few kg after Christmas.

Anyone tried it?



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I haven't seen any of those, where are they? In the training section?


Yep! Training plans. Most of them are only available if you pay the subscription for RunKeeper (which I'm seriously considering) but rffl is one of the few free ones. The first few runs are steady 30 min ones (which I can handle) but some of the later ones feature intervals, tempo, 150:30 and fartlek, all of which I'm hoping will add a little variety. I'm an evening runner, and living in the countryside, the amount of streetlit roads I can use are not great, and it's getting a tad repetitive. I'm going to have a go at the program I think, as long as I'm not injured or struck by the lurgy, it should take me to the 28th Feb, when daylight should start to make a re-appearance. Happy to report back on my findings. Currently a stonkingly large, post xmas, dart player-esque 88 kilos, so we'll see if it can carve anything off of that....


For me, training plans are really important. They keep my nose to the grindstone :) I don't think that any one is any better than others - except that the plan must be do-able for you ( depending on your current level of fitness) and allows you to follow it without hurting yourself or over training.


Yes, I've done it. It was a good challenge and mixed things up nicely I felt, and intervals definitely seem to be good for weight loss, so I reckon it might suit you. It is a bit of a drag that it works around set days so you can feel forever out of step if you can't run on a particular day.


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