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1st Runnervesary quest wk5 - Feel free to join

Hi and welcome to the 1st Runnervesary quest wk5

It's great to see so many new people joining up on the forum over the last couple of weeks. New Years resolutions really do seem to help some get motivated. I remember when I used to say I want to get fit in the new year. This year as I thought about that, I was happy to report that I am fit. I might not be the slimmest I have ever been but I defiantely am the fittest. The fact that I have kept up with each and every quest over the last year has helped me. Sometimes as we strive to get a better pace or longer distance it is easy to forget how far we have come. So as part of your New Years Resolutions please take time to acknowledge all of your own achievements and give yourself a pat on the back.

Happy new year.

What the quest is:-

The quest takes six weeks. You can join any time within that six weeks.

The main aim of the quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

I ask that you will be a graduate or about to graduate to join the quest. The main reason I ask this is that while you are doing the program your plan is very structured so I wouldn't want the quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:-

To run three times a week

To slowly increase distance

To train for a specific race

To add In Stretch and strength exercises

As you can see they are personal to yourself and it's totally your own choice.

Every week I will pin a new post where all the members of the quest can talk about how things are going.

So if you wanted to join all you have to do is put

I would like to join the quest, or count me in and then I would like to. ..............

Your name will then be added to the top post and every week your name will be in the quest until the end.

At the end, only for those that would like to, we each put out longest run of the quest and it is then marked on a virtual run we are doing from John O Groats to Lands End.

Then it all starts again for another six week Quest.



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No runs for me this week. The cold really took hold after I posted last week. So in the last two weeks I have only done one run. I am starting my asics plan again as the jump up In Distances would not of been possible coming back from a recovery position but the runs I did before will not of been wasted as there is no such thing as a redundant run. So I am looking forward to the new year with positive thoughts. This is the year I will run a HM but more importantly its the training for it I love.


Hi RfC, Happy New Year to you and all Questers (ors?)!

Like the reminder to appreciate our successes RfC and for me, apart from the 3 months (April to June) when I had an injury I have been pretty consistent and ran 3 times a week and increased my distance. My PB for a mile came down to 10 minutes 15 seconds but my 5k PB stays at 32 mins plus. That said my usual 5k is about 35 minutes, and I am happy enough with that. I have also managed to run up a couple of very long hills so a mental barrier being chipped away there. I have been thinking about that balance between pushing myself and acknowledging the fact I am 57 and never ever run before i started this 17 months ago. On the couple of times I have really pushed myself I have ended up with an injury of some kind so not so sure about what the balance is there.

So now the update of my last week... still have an achey left side which feels like I've bruised a muscle or something (for the cause of this see the comment above about pushing myself). Been 2 weeks now though so maybe a trip to the physio required. Will decide at the end of this week. Can still run though, just need to take it easy. Did 3 runs this last week, and really loved starting off at 9am for a 5k with Davie on New Years day. We were right up at the top of Fife and the run took us through muddy tracks and woodland as well as very quiet roads., really enjoyed that. Think the change of environment made a difference.

Have set a 2015 target of 500 miles of running! May have to look at distance in the next quest, but in the meantime have signed up for Jantastic again and am keeping to my 3 runs a week for the first month. Happy running all :)


Can I join the last two weeks of this quest, please? Checking my log, I can see that my per-week runs in December were 0-3-3-1-3 (yes, that is a zero at the beginning, I'm afraid). So for this runnerversary quest, I shall do 3 weekly runs.


Welcome on board your name has been added.


Happy New Year RFC!

I am still running three times a week and feeling fine. Following a fresh myasics training plan for a race I've entered in March. Entered one in May but the same plan will do for both I expect


Happy New Year RFC !

I am now running 4 times a week -eek ! The 4th one is only a very short one though , so its good . Still following my BUPA training plan for GMR in May and Ive also entered the Leeds 10k in July . Oooh get me ha ha :-) xxx


Happy New Year Rfc and fellow Questers :)

Three runs last week for me ....5.7K in lovely bright ,crisp weather-a really enjoyable run and felt really invigorated afterwards,6.5K two days later in same sort of conditions ...and every metre felt like a struggle.Finally intended to run on Saturday but it didn't happen, so planned to go before breakfast on Sunday...hmmm,one chocolate/ noisette croissant and two coffees later it was looking doubtful .

Finally talked myself into shifting my lardy a**e of the sofa and did a short sharp 3K with the Speed podcast...quite nice to hear Laura's dulcet,encouraging tones after a bit of a break but this, too,was a struggle.

I think the festive season ,too many nice things to eat and drink and not paying enough attention to water / fruit and veg intake has taken its toll ....everything seemed to 'jiggle' that bit more on yesterday's resuming good habits from today and hopefully will start feeling a bit livelier this week :)

Happy running everyone :)


Happy New Year RFC and fellow-questors!

Still following myasics plan but have missed one last week so one session in arrears. There are 2 rest days so I will try to catch up on one of those, otherwise will just keep plodding along with it. Myasics sent me a message saying I am going a little bit faster than the plan and would I like to be adjusted. I have politely looked the other way and pretended not to hear :D Expected speed is between 7 and 8 km per hour, so not blistering and a comfort to know I can jog along at that pace if I want to (and do up the hilly bits).

Apart from the missed run I have done my 3 a week but have to confess this grey weather is not inspiring and I have to search a bit harder for the enthusiasm at the moment. Probably post-Christmas-chocolate/lard mope which I will snap self out of just as soon as the sun shines!


Sadly all the post Christmas eating up (more of that due to fewer communal meals in the snow and ice) has seen my weight cross the magic line. However, I know that it will soon cross back the other way with a return to normal eating but crucially with a return to running. I didn't get a run in at all in the last week - it was so tempting sometimes, and the irony is that the only injury from the snow was slipping on snow melted off my boots onto my mothers kitchen floor which seems to have given me a bruised or whiplashed neck. Nor swimming. And not a lot of walking this week somehow.... so I didn't achieve my 150 minutes.

However, I did tick off one of my top 2015 New Year's Resolutions on 1st January by going to see a starling murmuration (less of a walk than I'd thought) And I did do some meditation/relaxations and 30 minutes of a 45 minute online yoga class so that 'half' of my Quest programme was better.

Looking back over the last year: I've run a 10k, I've swum a kilometre...several times (and learned how to use goggles), I did Dozzer's Discombobulated Triathlon (30 minutes each of running, swimming and cycling), all on the same day (the only time the bike came out all year I think), I graduated from the NHS Strength and Flexibility podcasts, I cracked a sub-45 minute 5K, and I kept up my regime of a short yoga practice just about every single morning, missing less than a handful of occasions. Oh and I can wield a vacuum cleaner from time to time. I've also seen some fabulous views, especially winter light and cloud formations, and picked blackberries on the move. Whilst I didn't lose the rest of the weight I'd like to lose I did stay under the overweight line. And possibly most amazingly of all, given a list of my 'Most Wanted' things to get me for Christmas (all of which involved a few clicks on the internet) my husband ("The only thing worse than cross-country running is cross-country runners") bought me new trail running shoes.

My two major fitness goals for 2015 are 1) to do two particular runs, both longer than I've done before and 2) to lose the rest of the weight I don't need.

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Happy New Year RFC and all fellow questers.

I had a good week last week and got 3 runs done - 2 X 5K's and an 8K again, so on track now to get up to 10K. Going for 9K this week! Eek! One of the 5K's was at Parkrun so another goal done for this quest! I also did one session at the gym with weights and rowing. No pilates, that's tomorrow.

2014 was an up and down year for me. It started off really well but I was out injured for a long time on 3 occasions all for different reasons. I can admit looking back that one of the reasons was that I increased my distance far too quickly and paid the price! I know better now and am taking it very slowly. We also moved house and that disrupted my routine badly but from August I've been very good and tried to get into a pattern with my running which seems to be working.

My big highlights were completing my first 5K fun run, first Parkrun and lots of PB's!

In 2015 I want to enter some 10K races as I want a medal! In fact more than one would be better still! I'm 7 seconds off a sub 30 mins 5K so that's a goal too. Other goals are to increase my cross training and get into a routine with pilates.

Good luck everyone for the year ahead. Just remember we're invincible!


2 runs for me last week, a 5k and a 10k, after being away for Xmas round two.

Nothing special to report time wise! but yesterday morning saw the front of my hair freezing as I ran through the fog! Have also had to make a small space in my pocket for some treats for our local robin who will eat from my hand. Hoping our kingfisher(s) don't get that tame as I'm not carrying live fish around (no I know, they won't eat what they haven't caught - will just have to continue watching them "hunting" from the boat next door).

Onwards into the New Year. Hoping to get 3 runs a week, but that is work dependent - some work would also be nice! Also started an Abs challenge to try to get rid of the belly. Happily I've only gained just under a kilo over Christmas, so that shouldn't be that hard to shift.

Good Luck everyone.


Hubby lost his job just before Christmas so I've only done two runs since 10th of December not really been in the mood for it been very down. I'm feeling better now and I'm off for a run as soon as it gets a bit lighter.


Hubby lost his job just before Christmas so I've only done two runs since 10th of December not really been in the mood for it been very down. I'm feeling better now and I'm off for a run as soon as it gets a bit lighter.


Hello all. I managed three runs last week then got flu. I tried going for a run yesterday but was coughing and spluttering everywhere later, not a good impression to make on the first day of my new job. I'm thinking about going out tonight but may go tomorrow.


Happy New Year all. I'm back from 2 weeks in Tunisia - where running didn't work out and there was lots of wonderful food. However we did walk for miles and miles. I was also glad to have taken my running gear, because it was unseasonably cold and my leggings and tops made a cosy base-layer under my pyjamas ! (Flaky heating in our rented appartment). Came back with a rotten cold, but ventured out today for my first run of the year. I wanted something cautious that would give a total of 30 minutes, so dusted off the w5r3 podcast, and that worked very well.

happy running to those who can - and happy resting to those who need to.


Hello all, late to the party but just wanted to report that I did my last RunStreak run on New Year's Day, making it 36 days/runs in a row and covering about 40-odd miles in total. I had hoped to do more but I did find it hard work, proving what we all know, that you need your rest days. Anyway, then I didn't run anywhere!

Happy running all who can, and a swift recovery to those on the injury couch.


Still plugging away at my Asics plan, week 5 now. 3 x 4.8 runs this week, seemed a bit daunting, but I've ticked off 2 of them so far. Next week is a bit scary - 7.2K...twice! I'm seeing my times come down, have been enjoying the weather - pouring rain this morning! I haven't been feeling 100%, so had pretty much decided to give it a miss this morning until I saw that lovely rain! We're all as mad as a box of frogs aren't we?


Having a bit of a set back now, I'm having problems with my shoes and have been advised not to run in them again... had a bit of knee pain, checked my shoes and they seemed a bit worn, so went back to the shop with them. They said they've never seen such wear in such a short time, I've only done about 300 KM , so they have ordered me some new ones and are going to return the old ones to Asics. The new ones should arrive by Wednesday, but until then I won't really be able to run. Never mind, I'll do some swimming and walking...


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