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1st year runnerversay Quest wk3 - Feel free to join

Hi and welcome to the 1st Runnervesary quest wk3

A bit earlier this week as I have a manic day tomorrow

Just wanted to wish you all a great Christmas and hope you all manage to get done runs in or enjoy the rest. Which ever you have decided.

What the quest is:-

The quest takes six weeks. You can join any time within that six weeks.

The main aim of the quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

I ask that you will be a graduate or about to graduate to join the quest. The main reason I ask this is that while you are doing the program your plan is very structured so I wouldn't want the quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:-

To run three times a week

To slowly increase distance

To train for a specific race

To add In Stretch and strength exercises

As you can see they are personal to yourself and it's totally your own choice.

Every week I will pin a new post where all the members of the quest can talk about how things are going.

So if you wanted to join all you have to do is put

I would like to join the quest, or count me in and then I would like to. ..............

Your name will then be added to the top post and every week your name will be in the quest until the end.

At the end, only for those that would like to, we each put out longest run of the quest and it is then marked on a virtual run we are doing from John O Groats to Lands End.

Then it all starts again for another six week Quest.



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The yoga sounds interesting - yoga for feet??! Glad it felt good. Sorry about the pain you're in :( but I hope this improves and that you can manage the odd run or so round family needs.


Week 3 of my Asics plan, I'm loving it so far! This week has 2 x 4.8k and a 3.2K ,very achievable. I'm ignoring their very slow pace suggestions, I've found I feel better in myself afterwards if I run a bit faster, and was surprised and pleased to do my first ever runs at under 8 mins per KM.


You're the second or third person I've seen who's said they are ignoring the Asics slow pace suggestion and feeling better for it :D Great for the under 8 mins per km - I can do this for one km, but not sure I could keep it up!


Thanks RFC!

Winding down now after my 10 k race, which I was chuffed with as I got two PB's!

I have 3 runs left of my plan and then I start a new plan for a 10 k race I entered which takes place mid March 2015.

Last week I ran just 10 k as I was on recovery runs but this week it goes up to 21 k to start building up for my new plan, which I haven't got yet.


Yay for 2 PBs :) :) :)


Started 3rd week of myasics plan and, like Curly, really enjoying it. last week was a couple of 4.9k 'fast' runs and a 3.2k interval session. The 'fast' is a suggested pace of 7.55-8.05 mins per k so very do-able even if not in the mood!

Looking forward to more of the same this week. Having a plan is a great plan!


I wonder why your plan is so different to mine? My first 2 weeks were 3 runs of 3.2K at 9 mins 45!

next 2 weeks are 2 x 4.8K and 1 x 3.2K at 8 min 25. After that there are a couple of 7.8K runs, but mostly they are all short comfortable paced runs. No interval, no tempo, no nutten!

I out in my age and gender, it asked if I could run 5K in more or less time than 30 that what you did?


Not sure but I like yours better! My first week was 4.8k 'jog' and 2 x 8k 'comfortable' runs (my eyes popped out of my head when I first read 8k). Last week was 2 x 4.8k 'fast' with 1 x 3.2 interval. This week and next is 2 x 4.8 'fast' (8:06-7:51 mins per k) and another 3.2 interval. Then it seems to want 2 x 7.2km 'fast' runs with 1 x 4.8k interval. I like the intervals - 3 x 1k with little jog breaks between so a nice short session.

Can manage 5k in 28:30 but only on the treadmill. Outside is nearer 33:30 mins at the moment and can't see that improving anytime soon unless someone chops the tops off those hillocks.

I suppose it crunches the age/weight/gender/sessions per week thing and comes up with a plan. Very cunning!


Ah, that's probably it, I'm nowhere near 30 mins for 5k, although it can't know that, only that I take longer..I'm glad I got mine, I don't think I would have begun if I'd got yours! I'm not training for a race or anything, just wanted to do something a bit more structured...I have to say, though, that I wonder how I will ever get to 10K like this, it only gives one run of that length before the "race"

Oh it did ask if I wanted easy/average/hard, I went for average. I'm probably older than you too, I'm 55 soon..


Only 3 years 'wiser' than me so we are both comparative yoofs really :D. I opted for average and 3 runs a week.

Think this morning's run was probably a personal worst - I took the dogs and there was much snuffling and stopping but, like you, not aiming for a race or anything so just happy to enjoy it.

Not sure I like the sound of the sudden increases, but so far they seem to be at such an easy pace it might not matter. This is probably optimism sparked by hope over reality!


Not such a good week for me. Only did one run as I had a sore throat and a bit of a cough. That was yesterday morning and just short of 3 miles in 32 minutes so my 'normal pace.' Afterwards though I had really achey tops of my hips (to the side of my bum), think it's the fat jiggling around but I am a bit surprised that this happened after only a week off. I used to get this sometimes when I started the c25k plan but not had it for over a year so a bit weird. I think the answer is not to take any kind of break!

Intending to actually do my 3 runs this coming week and looking forward to having plenty of time to fit them in. Hope everyone has a lovely xmas break and ...keep running :)


Got two runs in last week...a 6.2K and yesterday a 5.1K on a route new to out and back which took me uphill ( all my runs are usually on the flat) and blissfully downhill home.

It was a beautiful bright and chilly morning,with the fog just rising off the river and I really enjoyed the challenge of the enjoyment only marred somewhat when my downhill run ,which I'd been so looking forward to,was interrupted by the loss of one of the rubber tips to my "Yurbuds " pinged out and must have bounced on the tarmac and onto the verge where the grass was very long and wet and despite hunting for a good ten minutes ,I didn't manage to find it.

Happy running...or resting....and wishing you all a Merry Christmas xx


"I really enjoyed the challenge of the hill" - I'm impressed, because you don't often hear people say that :D Glad you enjoyed it but bummer about your yurbud. Hope you have a great Christmas too xx


Really pleased with my progress so an early Christmas Garmin, which means that there's less guesswork involved in knowing how far I've travelled! It's helping me to focus on my pace, which has improved over the last few weeks and I've managed the 7.5k I was hoping for (yesterday), in not a bad time I think, so a step closer to my 8.5k challenge goal!

slightly out of sync with running this week...had to delay my long run until Sunday, as helping friends all day Saturday. Works out that my next run is Christmas Eve, which is probably better than planning a Christmas day run (not sure where I was going to fit it in and would have hated to ditch it!!)

Enjoy your Christmas week running, everyone :D


Garmins are great! Enjoy running with yours over the holiday period, and have a great Christmas :)


A good week for me. Got my 3 runs in. A 5K, a fast 3.5K and an 8K for my longer run! Very happy about that. Plus one weights and rowing session in the gym. No pilates as I just ran out of hours!

Not sure how I'll do this week like lots of people. I have a friend coming over Christmas and she's a runner. We had planned to go out on Boxing Day but she's gone down with this lurgy thing and so even if we see her I doubt she'd be up to a run. Would it be rude to go myself? Yes I guess it would! Then we've all the family coming on Saturday until Monday so I won't have time to sleep never mind run.

I hope you can squeeze in little runs and a very Happy Christmas everyone to you and yours.


She's a runner, she'll understand if you go without her! Happy Christmas to you and yours too :)


Pleased with this week as have managed to keep eating sort of under control and had 3 runs. This morning did same fast run as last mon but amazed how much easier breathing was and actually thought we were going at slower pace but we weren't! Also did same hill as last week and found it more comfortable so that felt good. Sat run was slow long one which I really enjoyed. Really benefitting from training with jog scotland leader. Hope everyone has good Christmas and manages to squeeze in some running.


Well done for keeping eating under control - it's not easy, is it? And brilliant about the improvement in the runs and the training :) It must be nice to see the difference. Hope you have a great Christmas and manage a run or two!


Two runs for me last week, 5.9k on Wed (extra .9 due to a detour round a fishing match that I didn't have the heart to go back through!) and Parkrun on Saturday new course PB of 28:31, despite or due to, the course being reversed due to winter conditions.

Thinking of heading to Parkrun on Christmas Day, but must remember the Santa Hat!


Hooray for a new PB - well done :)


Having come out the other side from my cold/cough I did a tentative run on Friday which was fine. So, back to normal - or as normal as this week is likely to be. Ran in the horrid gusty wind this morning but thank goodness, the rain had not arrived so did not have to cope with being wet as well.

I'm very impressed with all the great distances achieved by all the above runners. Fantastic!


I'm on cloud 9 at the moment because it's been a great week. For the first time since - well, I don't remember when, to be honest - I am officially overweight instead of obese. And not only that, but although this RunStreak thing is boring, my pace over the mile is coming down. When I started it was around 10:50 - 10:55 mins per mile and today it was 10:23. So my daily distances are pitiful, at 1.61km, but it's 11.5km over the week, which is about what I would have run anyway, I guess. And today I have run a marathon :D because it's my 26th day of streaking. I'm pleased to report that everything is holding up just fine - legs, knees etc don't seem to be under any more stress than usual. If anything, it's the washing machine that's complaining.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, however you choose to celebrate it, and here's to happy running :)


Great news about weight loss Annie It's always difficult but especially hard at this time of year. Sorry you find running boring at moment - how many days do you still have to do before getting back to normal runs ?


Only till New Year's Day. I'm determined to carry on now! And actually, I'm so busy at the moment the weight loss is relatively easy because I'm not stopping via the biscuit jar :D Not sure this will continue over the holiday period so it will be a question of getting back on track as soon as possible, I think.


That's great news. Obese is such an ugly word isn't it? It sounds as though the streak has been an interesting experiment. It will be interesting to see what effects it has when you return to your more usual rhythm, sounds promising.

The scales have been rude to me this morning about my plan to stay under 70kgs over Christmas (I'd be overweight at 70.8... and there still a goodly bit of extra padding on me so I feel 60 is where I belong) so I hope this will help me prioritise some exercise today and tomorrow.

However, my superfit brother 'wimped' out of a social run last night because he 'felt a bit tired and it is wet and windy' so that's confirmation for me that it is OK not to flog it.


That's brilliant Annie. You must be so chuffed. I just don't know how you're managing this streak thing. I'm sure you're really looking forward to a lovely long run. Merry Christmas to you.


Guys I am so so sorry. I have woken up this morning and half asleep deleted some of the first posts thinking I was on the graduation page. I feel like a right numpty and have no excuse except I was half a sleep. If I have deleted your post please accept my apology I promise it was nothing personal.


Found this one a little late, but that's me all over!

Recently had a stinking cold which left me feeling a little too sorry for myself and my asthma has flared up again. I've been managing little runs by taking my puffer before going out and taking it with me.

Unfortunately I forgot to take it out of my pocket when I put my gear in the wash. It came out in more pieces than I thought possible and the cylinder was rather miss shaped; I don't think the dry cycle did it much good.

We tried a cycle to keep our joints and lungs moving while I've not been well enough to run, only for my husband's chain to snap while hurrying back to get the children.

At the moment I can't see any spaces in the diary to get out without abandoning the children (social services take a dim view on that kind of thing!) And I'm terrified of undoing my excellent work of the last year.

My target for the next three weeks must therefore sound a little unambitious compared with some of the others on this challenge.

I will get through Christmas and new year with as little damage as possible to my fitness and weight so I can get back out on the road in the new term to enjoy my runs rather than start again from scratch!


Welcome onboard your name has been added


Hello all. Hope everyone has a great Christmas.

Last week: I completed 5x1.5 hour jogs at easy pace. My plan for this week is 3x1.5 runs at race pace. Picking up the speed has really made the difference and I look forward to my second run tomorrow.


Hello all, I had a pretty good week last week. I managed two runs - had been hoping for three but hey- both of 5.5k !! So, I'm on track ( so far)... Felt good, especially the second run. Hoping for 6k next week- eeeek!! ️Xx really enjoying the cold morning runs ;-)


Haha! That's hilarious, my post was deleted, so no-one will know what I committed myself to! lol

I think it was to do a 10k, which a few days ago was a stretch of the imagination! But since then I've done three 5k's, and I did 6.5k this morning, so maybe it's not so much of a stretch as I thought!

Laters, guys and gals!


Bows head in shame. As my earlier said post sorry for the mistake. Slight hangover and lack of sleep.


No problems, RFC, I thought it was funny! No need to feel any shame at all, we all make mistakes.


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