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I suppose running when it's snowy and icy is not advisable. But I saw other runners out and I could not put it off any longer - Day 1 of Week 9. I nearly came a cropper a couple of times but kept (mostly) upright and just kept to the grass verges where I could. I know I still have 2 more runs left before the end (or perhaps beginning) but I can't help feeling I have already reached my goal in a way. And at the worst time of the year.

But hey. The cold never bothered me anyway

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Well done! Stay upright though. Tread carefully....


Ha Ha Linford, I can see what you did there , Let it go......... :-D

Good on ya for getting out there , it is very icy isn't it ? Graduation day is just around the corner, fab stuff :-) xxx

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Nearly there - and 'there' is definitely the beginning, not the end! Take it steady and keep upright!

*bursts into song*

Do you wanna build a snowmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan?


Thanks everyone for the encouragement. Sorry for the Frozen reference but I couldn't resist! I do fancy doing a park run in the new year and giving that a go. But I will need a new target to aim for. Perhaps a 10k?

I can't believe I just typed that!

Cheers and happy New Year to everyone


Brilliant! :)


blimey you are brave :) welld one on getting out there :) be careful :)


Well done on keeping your feet!! Good luck with the rest of your runs this week. Exciting stuff eh :D


Well done for getting out, but watch for black ice. I was out on the moor a few weeks ago, and as I was merrily trotting along I ran over one of the river bridges and almost came-a-cropper. Bridges get very cold underneath and become icy/stay icy even when it may seem a tad warmer.

Thankfully after some frantic arm-waving and balancing actions I stayed upright, but In ow treat bridges with much more respect.


I'm supposed to be graduating today but am giving it a miss. I fell over walking on the ice and broke my collar bone a few years ago and have had a back op earlier in the year so am not going to risk it. I was looking forward to it too, ah well :(


well done! Motivating me for tomorrows frosty run!


Well I graduated. Just about managed 5k in 30 minutes but a bit slower than earlier in the week. Any suggestions what to do next?


Thankfully the frost thawed a little for today's run (day 2 week 9) so no problems here. although it did feel a bit tougher this time. Still on track for my graduation run on New Years Day all being well.

I have broken my collarbone twice, the last time falling off my bike and, yes, in the ice! So I'm not taking any more chances with slippery conditions. The last thing I want is a huge set back like that after just getting started. It not worth it.

Well done Kowalski. I'm right behind you!

Take care everyone out there


Well done Linford, nearly there , so close now ....

I ran today, but it was very icy in places , I was in a cold sweat thinking I was going to end up on my jacksie ...

Good news though, it is going to warm up for New Years Day, if the weather reports are correct, so that will just fit nicely with your Graduation Run. Lets hope the Running Gods are smiling down on us for that day :-)

Good Luck and all the very best to you and Congratulations Kowlaski on your Graduation - Well done ! Have you requested your Graduation Badge ? xxx


That's good news about the weather. I do have a contingency plan of a circular path about 3k long I could run round which should be better in the frost than slippery Tarmac pavements. But I'd have to drive to get to it which goes against the grain a bit.

Thanks again for the support


Thanks linford and poppypug-I haven't requested my graduation badge, perhaps I will, haven't really thought about it to be honest :) Please take care out there, perhaps it is best to run in a park if you can. Slipping over on the pavement could be disastrous.


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