Christmas parkrun

Christmas parkrun

I know you have all been missing Ferd.

I did three runs last week woohoo.

Coughing like crazy though it's even waking me up at night now and I have a cyst on my shoulder/neck that's shuddenly started to grow and is rather painful, of course my sports bra sits right on it.

But I think my running mojo is back and my foot is properly heeled, now I just need to shift this virus for once and good.


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  • Great picture of you and Ferd, loving the tinsel! You can really tell you've lost weight vs. photos you posted earlier on in the year. Hope you manage to kick that virus's butt and the cyst gets better too. Merry Christmas! :)

  • Thank you.

    I honestly don't really see any change in myself physically.

  • That was the first thing I thought too, that you've lost a lot!

  • Thank you.

    Still honestly don't see it, I know I am buying some smaller clothes but I still think sizes are getting bigger as I've got things in my wardrobe that I've been wearing for years that still fit fine (some are even still a little on the tight side!).

    But I do feel more positive about myself, I think I have more positive days than negatives ones now.

  • I agree about sizes, but it depends where you go. M&S and Tesco are massive, I have a size 6 jumper from Tesco, that's just silly, I'm 5' 10 and 12 stone...Primark's stuff is tiny...but yes you're looking slimmer definitely.

    I've had that cough too, just won't go away will it? xx

  • The christmas tshirt I'm wearing in the photo is Primark they were huge I had to get a size 12, I find Asda are big and Next is just pot luck. But I try and not worry about the dress size it's the fit that counts, plus sometimes I make my own clothes they don't have a size tag inside.

    I think it's silly when you see these people squashing themselves into a size smaller because they can, but they would look so much better if they just picked the bigger size.

  • Yes indeed!

  • Oh Spoonie that's so brilliant that you're back! Fantastic. Lovely photo of you and Ferd. It looks as if he wants to go some more! 2015 is just around the corner so new runs and all that!

  • He wanted to go swiming, I wouldn't let him off the lead until we had done the parkrun, but I did then take the tinsel off and let him play.

  • Way hay. Firstly, glad to hear you are still running. You have had quite a battle, but you are going strong: you look fit and happy in your photo. Ferd looks like a happy dog too. The only time mine pulls at the lead when I take him for a run is when we get home :-)

    Sending you big hugs and Christmas cheer.

  • He pulls at the start cause he is all excited and then he normally just tries to trip me up and I can never get him to pull when I need him to. He only pulled me at the end cause he wanted to get to the lake. I did take his tinsel off him and let him have a swim.

  • Lovely to see you and Ferd back out there running. Hope you get rid of that virus and that 2015 is a great year for you both!

  • Thank you

  • Well done! But does it count if you have a dog to tow you around the course? lol I'm jealous. Hope you lost your virus somewhere out there, and you don't get woken up tonight, with coughing!

    Have a great Christmas!

  • Oh if only he would tow me round, normally he is trying to trip me up. But he is a great running companion.

  • Ferd looks so cute in his tinsel, really great news of your 3 runs, excellent work! :) looks like you both had a good time :) hope you feel better soon.........................

  • Thank you.

    I thought it was gonna be so much harder getting out there again but it's been ok and have been sensible I maybe doing around 4/5k each time but I am doing run walk, esp while I have this cough.

  • Looking good Spoonie :) Really can see the weight loss.

    Ferd is looking happy too. Hope 2015 will be kind to you health and running wise. xx

  • I shall take your word for it and say thank you :D

    Ferd is always happy, I think he is glad Walkies are back on the agenda after me being so poorly, nursing duties and Mr Mouse breaking his toe

  • fabulous pic of you...mighty fine dog too. I love your outfit, and I so hope your health continues to improve :)

  • Thank you. I had loads of compliments about my coordinated accessories. We did see another dog wired up with fairy lights but as Ferd likes the water I didn't think that was such a great idea.

  • Looking good ! Love a bit of festive tinsel...Good effort by Ferd too..Have a happy and healthy Christmas

  • Thank you. I was really surprised he happily let me put the tinsel on him and he didn't complian or try to take it off at all

  • Great to see you both back. Hope you shift this virus quickly. Happy Christmas!

  • Thank you. I've had since the end of November surely it's got to go soon?

  • Great photo Spoonie. Lovely to see you and Ferd back out there enjoying your running again. Hope to see many more photos in the new year too xx

  • Thank you, I was glad parkrun took a photo (but wish they could have let me pull my christmas top down first, it kept riding up) as I forgot to get one at the start.

    I shall try and keep up with posting (though my iPad screen is starting to look more like a spiders web and my laptop has decided it doesnt like the Internet at the moment).

  • Hi Spoons!!!! Ferd too!

    I hope you can keep running 3 times a week as you will gain so much ground not just in mileage terms but as regards your health and fitness, and weight of course. All positives. Ferd will appreciate it as well. If he gets his exercise fix he'll be a happy chappy and so well behaved of course. A tired dog is a good dog. LOL

  • My aim is twice a week (for a while) but if I can do three then yay. One of the runs was even an after work run and without crippling tummy pains - woohoo - also with my big girl pants of bravery as I finally plucked up the courage to go out with a couple of people from my running club I did keep stressing I was slow slow slow and poorly but they were happy and really helped to encourage me.

    Oh yeah and that after work run was Friday so go me then running parkrun the following morning :D

  • I must be mad

  • No you're not! I like running with our little local group. No pressure and the company of nice peeps. You don't feel like it's hard at all. All younger than me so you do get your ass kicked a bit on the uphills but they just wait at the top for me, high five me and off we go down the other side. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Running helps with stomach issues as it aids digestion. My neighbour has been plagued with a stomach ulcer and internal bleeding that's caused her to be hospitalised twice. Her GP told her to get out and start walking, and that the more exercise she got the better off she would be. She can't stop walking now and she's even got herself a dog!

    Don't stop movin, everybody's groovin ...... tiddle di do, tum ti tu. Oh that's it now, I'll be singing that all day

    Happy running Spoons

  • I have issues with getting food timing right with runs, it's ok in the morning as I run empty but I think I have worked out when to eat to give me the energy for a evening run but without cramps :)

  • Good for you! I think running generally makes you think more about what and when to eat, which can only be a good thing.

    I did a slow, leisurely jog this morning but yet it burned just under 400 calories. Yes!!!!

    I earned my home made energy bar. Delish it was too

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