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Done it once, and now struggling!

I sort of lost my running mojo with the advent of the dark mornings. This is really strange because last winter i revelled in running in the dark before I went to work. This winter it seems harder to get out of bed, and today was no exception. So I took my kit to work and told myself I would run lunchtime.

Well I ran, but not very well. I have been re-doing the programme, struggling, and today was W9R1. I think I walked as much as I ran. It didn't help that as soon as I finished the warm up my route took me up a hill - just over half a kilometre rising by 9%. Not a good idea. I don't like hills of any sort.

Anyway after the hill I slowed down to a walk, and then ran, and then walked and then ran. Lost count of the walks. But then my splits were better than W8R3.

I am determined that Wednesday's run will be before I go to work, and without walks.

The reason I am posting this is to commit myself. I keep making promises to get out of bed but never manage it!

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Do you have any idea why you resorted to walking some? Were u out of breath or too tired? The trouble is I'm having the same at the moment! Not overly tired or out of breath - just stopped and started walking. If you've got this far I'm sure you can pick it up again as can I- perhaps just a good old fashioned get out and do it because nobody can do it for us should do us both!

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Hoping you are right Prettys. I thought if I put my failings in the public domain it would spur me on. Will post Wednesday with this result of my run.

We have the power!


I was going to go again tomoro but I will leave til wed same as you! God knows what's up let's put it down to a silly Monday and get ourselves back up!! We CAN do it


Running is hard - and we really need to have a reason to do it :) When we were doing the C25K programme, that reason was mostly to finish the programme . :)

Have a look around your local area - maybe even drive away a little - and look for some place ( could be alongside a river, maybe up a mountain, etc ) that you think that you would like to run to. In other words- find your own reason as to why you want to run - else the effort ( especially on a cold dark morning) will not be worth it for you.


Your resolve is admirable! Good luck with your next run.

My experienced runner friend once told me never stop running- even if you are running

a snails pace, keep going!


I am there with you. I have struggled really for the past year and then finally stopped altogether to concentrate on training for a marathon walk last September. I restarted and am back to wk 5 but keep redoing the beginning to put off the 20 min run, yet one day last week I just ran through the walking interval and the warm down. My theory is anything is better than nothing and it should get better but definitely harder 2nd time round. I think Bazza's advice is sound. Keep going I'm sure things will improve.



Well I did it, 30 mins non stop, not even crossing the road.

Felt absolutely great. Possibly happier than I did the first time around.

Aim to do it again Tuesday (I like to do intervals on Fridays and have a Santa 5k dash on Sunday).

Thank you Prettys073, Bazza 1234, Iilylavak and ancient runner. Posting the challenge on here certainly helped.


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