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After several repeats of weeks we are preparing for our first 4k race

After several weeks we have had to repeat because one of us has been doing something or weather has delayed, we have reached Wk 7 Run 2, and had booked a 4k fun run at the start of the programme in September.

So far we have raised over £250 for our local hospital, between myself and fellow running partner my 15 year old daughter. Which will be matched by my employer, so something to really go for tomorrow as we are already running 3.4-3.5km in 25 mins.

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You're both doing really well then.

And what a great event to do today. Good luck with that and hope it all goes well.

:-) xx


Really well done to you both for getting this far and for raising the money. A well deserving cause.


What a lovely way to do the program. Helping others as well as yourself. Sounds like you have a great daughter and employer too.


We ran the 4k yesterday and have raised about £550, plus both got medals, I never got a sports medal at school !!!


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