stop me before it's too late

Now I told my partner if I ever mention the words half marathon to shoot me. Here I am considering entering the santiago entel hm. It's in March so I think I could just about do it, it won't be a great time but what an achievement. Then there is another part that says look 10km is ok why do it, 21km is far, very very far.

i am not going to sign up now and see how November goes. I might have a second race in December so I could sign up after these and see what distance I am up for. Or do I just sign up now and I know I am committed. I do get carried away so I need your help to tell me what's realistic. Many thanks for your honest thoughts :)


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33 Replies

  • Do it! I cried at the start line in panic as I had not trained enough but I'm glad I went ahead, it was one of the highlights of my entire life

    But do train properly!

  • Thats good to hear that you are glad you did it. I am worried if i will make the distance, my head says no your joking aren't you and there is another part saying just go for it nothing ventured nothing again. I am wondering if only having five months to train is doable - so i was wondering how long did you train for it ?

  • Most training programmes are around 16 weeks, I got 6 weeks in and bottled out! But changed tack and went to classes etc at gym so got fit but only got up to 8 miles prior to half. I wouldn't recommend it but I was ok, I got away with it. You will be amazed at what you can do, it's your head that stops you

  • Do it.

  • Thank you for vote :) I think from reading all the post and i will have to do some calculations but i am swaying to the yes camp.

  • I signed up for a half marathon straight after completing my first 10k race and then regretted it immediately. However, I had told everyone I was going to do it, so I had to get on with it. The day of the half marathon was fantastic and I was very pleased with myself for doing it. The hardest part was the training. If you train properly and build up the distance sensibly you will be fine. Go for it!

  • Thank you for your reply. I signed up for 10km race straight after finishing the c25k programme and then i poorly trained for it and thought i made a mistake. Luckily though everyone here helped me to 10km finish line and i was happy i entered the race (even though in the end it was quite 10km). So i don't make the same mistake I think i will do some research and look at some plans and STICK TO THEM (something i really struggle with, love planning and research but find it hard to stick with) then sign up.

  • You seem to be doing really well Vix, I reckon you could do it - so go for it!

    :-) xx

  • Hola, thank you for your support i just need to get some discipline with this running lark and i think i might be entering.

  • I've signed up for the Warwick HM in March as an incentive to keep running through the winter. I've got a 10k in a few weeks and I've reached that distance a few times now so I know I can do that race ok. Working on increasing my distance by 10% each week and allowing for contingencies then I know I can get to HM distance by March.

    I took ages contemplating entering the HM ... was I being too ambitious ... can my body cope ... etc. Now that I've entered I feel quite calm about it and have had great fun planning my training regime. I'm still terrified that something will happen and I won't be able to make it round but, my goodness me, I'm going to give it a damned good try!

    You know yourself better than anyone, work out a running plan and see if it can fit in with your life. I found that when I tried to put it to the back of my mind that it kept popping forward nagging me to go for it; that was my cue to know that I really wanted to at least try!

    I read a quote yesterday ... "The miracle isn't that you finished the race but that you had the courage to enter in the first place." Good luck whatever you choose :)

  • Thank you - I think i need to get plan together as you and miss W had said. Then just chip away and hope for the best come march time. I have woke up this morning realising we are suppose to be going to Brazil to meet up with some people in march so i best check the dates for that. I think my partner might get in a huge mood if i put off our life on hold again for another run.

    Good luck with your 10km! -if you have done the distance a few time you will be more than fine and good luck with your hm training for march. It sounds like a good race and you seem to be calm and top of your training. :)

  • DO IT! I loved mine, I had only run 10 miles before the race, and was worried I would run out of steam, but it was the best felling ever! The crowds will cheer you on! Now next year I am thinking of going the whole way........

  • Thank you for your support - I expect no chewing crowds i get the impression its the wrong thing but i have seen the intake is 28000 (for 3 distances , 10k, 21km and 42km) so maybe it will a totally different atmosphere - I am edging towards that yes camp!

  • Do it, do it, do it

  • Thank you - i am seriously thinking of giving it ago.

  • I've signed up for my first 10K race in December. That's a distance that is do-able, but I also really want to complete a HM next year. It's not a distance I'd want to do regularly, but I'd like to say I did it at least once. I was also considering the Warwick one.

  • Ooh, go on, do it. I think there's a few of us now! I was deciding between the Warwick one and the Stratford one and thought this one would be better for me (bit quieter and less chance of it being baking hot in March :D). Let me know if you go for it.

  • I was choosing between the Stanford Hall or Warwick. Looking at the maps I think Warwick might be flatter, which is a BIG plus for me. So it's definitely the favourite option at the moment. It's the racecourse, so parking should be easy? My 10K is at Telford.

    I quite like having March as well, as it gives me something to train for over winter, rather than just hibernating :-)

  • Yeah i like the 10km distance its nice. I not sure i could do hm regularly too, i want to give it try to say i have done it. Good luck for your race in December!! I like having races that i am signed up to, keeps my motivation up for running knowing i have paid to enter these races. Sounds like you have a few options for march!!!

  • I think there are 3 quite local HMs on the same day. I've never done a "proper" race before. I started the C25K with a view to running the 5K charity Race for Life, which I did, but that is not really a race, as such, as it's very busy and too many people were out for a stroll and a chat :-) It will be quite a different experience to have a timing chip and be with people who are a bit more competitive. I figure I have to do it now while I am as fit as I am!

  • I only started running last year and started c25k at the beginning of January this year. For my 59th birthday at the end of January a 'friend', who has always ran, entered me for a full marathon!

    It was at the beginning of August and it took me 6 hrs 34 mins, by a mixture of jogging and fast walking, but I did it! Such a sense of achievement, so you must definitely go for a half. I am planning to do 3 next year.

    It is better to sign up now and start training by increasing your distances.

  • Thank you for your encouragement - WOW I can't even think of a full marathon - that is an incredible achievement :) I must admit what it does show you is anything is possible! Which 3 hm are you doing?

    Sounds like you you have a busy year next year - who knew when you embark on c25k it could take you to 10k's, hm and m. i think its looking highly likely at the moment. I will do some research and i think i might be entering. If anything the training will be good for me.

  • No one on here is going to try and stop you....But we can encourage you during your training !!!Go on. You know you want to...

  • Thank you - i think i really do after reading everyone's response. I am so grateful for the encouragement :)

  • With all that backing you have got to go for it. They got me so enthused I wanted to just go out and run it now. I'd better calm down and get to 5K first. You could do it, like someone said, just work out your training plan. Simple and if all else fails ... walk.

  • Yeah i think your right that i have to go for it now :) You will get to 5km and you may find in a few months you will be on here asking should i enter a hm :)

  • You could do it but you'd need a plan. I'd get a myasics one. I love em! I am about to get a new one for the 10 k race I've got lined up in December

    The plans are based on running 2, 3 or 4 times a week and easy, average, hard. You input your details, eg age and the results of any races you've done and it crunches the number and comes up with a very detailed plan. It tells you when and how fast you should run. it makes tweaks to the plan according to how you're getting on with it. You can run too much without a plan, so this makes sure you get the training right

    It would also tell you whether it's do-able for you then there'd be no doubt about whether you should go for it

  • I am just going to 30 day shred very quick before the glass man turns up or he will catch me in the act. Then i will be doing some serious research to get a plan together and i will need to stick to it like i did c25k. i have previously looked at the above plan for hm and it gave me a time 2hours 20 or 25 minutes so i think that isn't too bad? I will need to have a serious look today before signing up.

  • Brave Vix, very brave! But, if you want to go for it, then do it. You've only got one life and you should live it to the max. (And just think what an effect all that HM training will have on your distance in the race we don't talk about ;) ) x

  • Well i have just checked the training plan and it fits in nicely with the races i have coming up (adding another cheeky 10km on 21st Dec, i will need to run off those xmas pounds even though it probably be a bbq and salad for xmas lunch this year)

    Asics says 2hours and 15minutes so if i can do it in that time i will be pleased. I really want my partner to run the hm too but i have a feeling i will have better luck winning the lottery. So it looks like i am signing up, plus it looks like if we do go to brazil it will be a couple of weeks before the race. So its looking like a green light for go. Now "that race" is always lurking about :)

    As you say you only live once !

  • I put in a guess-ttimate of 1h5m for my 10K. I've done 1h6m in training, on my own, though that was really pushing myself. I was aiming for under 2h30m for a HM, but maybe I'll be a bit more ambitious after the 10K.

    Ha! When I started all this malarky, my big ambition was to get under 40 mins for a 5K :-) Sometimes it's easy to forget how much we have all achieved!

  • I was projected to do the HM in 2hrs 24 mins but shaved off 12 minutes. It's amazing what you can do when you get into a race with the other runners hauling you round

    I got my Asics plan today. Exciting times ey!

  • Soooooo jealous guys!def go for it,you will do it :))) my body and wonky knees won't hold together enuf to even comtemplate a 13.1 miler,it's my biggest regret my wonky knee and hamstring let me down at 12 miles in a training run for a half last year and I've never been fit or painfree enuf to even consider it since. Still annoys me! But if you can do it go for it and enter it now do no chicken ing out!!!!

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