Week 7 ...what's wrong with my mind?

Have completed Week 7 Run 2 and am finding it really difficult to keep my mind from, well, there's no other way to say it , finding it really BORING. I've tried a bit of mindfulness but that just makes me more aware of the slog, have tried running without music and time seemed to go backwards, tried watching time ticking by - too slow, tried avoiding looking at clock...what? Has the clock stopped etc. as I've been writing this I suspect the answer lies with the fact that I'm on a treadmill. I'm keen to get out into park where no doubt fighting off the local dogs will pass the time, but as I can only train at night that isn't possible at present. Short of inviting local dogs to join me in the gym has anyone any suggestions...please. All reasonable suggestions gratefully received. Will give unreasonable ones a go too,if all else fails.


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  • I think I would find the treadmill a bit dull after a while too. I always run outside. Do you have any well-lit streets that you could use at night instead? Or try listening to a podcast on a subject that interests you, I have seen a few people on the forum that do that sort of thing. You are making great progress & have not long to go, hopefully your accomplishments will also spur you on x

  • Treadmills are v. boring unless you have a distraction. Watching the numbers roll past is just soul destroying too. I listen to Radio 4 or a talk-type podcast with a story to keep my mind off the tedium. Playlists are good too, but only once in a while - they also become dull with repetition. Is it possible for your to run at lunchtime for one of your runs and outside at the weekend which would just leave you one on the treadmill mid-week?

    Otherwise, invent a problem to solve while you are on the hamster wheel. World peace, taking a double-decker bus into space, etc.

  • Nothing wrong with your mind, you are at Week7 :D I have only run outside and listening to podcasts ,not sure how i would cope with indoors and nothing to listen to .. Like marly said there are lots you can listen to now and maybe running outside where safe etc :D

    keep at it you doing great :D

  • My DH runs on the treadmill watching TV box sets. It keeps him motivated as he wants to watch the next episode. Have you any way of perhap watching an iPad with something that would keep your interest?

  • I run round the local lit streets. Love it. The time flies

  • Find someone to run in the park with you/running group ? Listen to a podcast ? Watch TV ? Resign yourself to being bored ? Run at lunchtime ? Register for Parkrun and give yourself a focus for the week Hey ! you've got to week 7 it would be silly to give up now just because you are a bit bored. 7 more runs, you can do it but then , really you need to get outside. It's lovely out....

  • You could try listening to an audiobook. There must be something you've been meaning to read but never got round to. If you're enjoying the story, the minutes will just slip by.

  • Treadmills are very boring but there are some good suggestions above, I run both on a treadmill during the week late at night but come Sunday mornings I tKe to the street, that helps me survive the 2 night runs also I have an over active imagination which also helps. Hope you find a solution

  • I like to run while listening to audiobooks. The better the book, the shorter the run seems. And I agree--it's much better to run outside.

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