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W4R3 Getting harder??

I've just completed the final run of W4 and found it so much harder than W4 R1 and 2. Felt sick half way through and really had to push myself to finish it. Running on a treadmill at same pace as other runs so it's not because I went too fast. Hopefully just having an off day but at least I finished it. Now not sure whether to repeat this run or give W5 a go. Any advice please?

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Hi weeble

Some runs feel harder than others, there's no real logic for it. My rule throughout has been that if I finish the run I move on. Only repeat if you can't finish it. Other people have given me similar advice on here and it's got me to week 9. Keep going you are going great x


No need for speed. Slow it right down. The idea is to finish each run, that's the key thing. If you kill the speed you should be able to do it.

Good luck with the next one!


I would move on, you did it even though it was tough this time. Some runs just are. I would agree with MissW, turn the speed down next time you feel like that, it's keeping going that counts not speed! Hope the next run is more enjoyable x


Thanks for all your advice. Much appreciated. Will move on. I've got 2 rest days now as I run on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday so hopefully that will sort me out. Must remember I can turn down the speed on the treadmill as I do tend to focus on the run and leave my brain behind :-)


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