Couch to 5K

W8D3 - done and dusted in a packed Gym

8 weeks ago I braved the gym with Laura and W1 - I felt nervous that week as I had not had the courage to do anything other than walk on the treadmill before that. I used this energy today as the gym was rammed with people and only a couple of treadmills left (think the dark and cold has brought the runners into my domain lol) I used this as a motivator as people were coming and going on their runs / walks and I was going on and on. There was a lady next to me, young and slim and running really well, but I spotted her in the window glancing across to me - hopefully thinking OMG is that old fart still going - go girl hehe

I then went down to the pool to do my usual Thursday regime and did my aqua class..... feeling good and can't wait until I get my shiny graduate badge :D Look out week 9 after my long weekend away I'm coming at ya x

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Cor Jude, where did those weeks go? You just started yesterday, surely? Brilliant you are now on the home run(s). 3 more to do and then time to go bring that badge home. Hope you are feeling very proud. :) :)


Good morning Jude, it's a great feeling when things like that happen, I find it most amusing when it's very quiet and the slim person always seems to pick the treadmill next to me when there are another 15 to choose from :0s

Not long now and that shiny will be yours, enjoy your day


Well done on completing weeek 8, 3 runs left! Good luck for week 9


Well done and for showing the other gym uses a thing or two. Only 3 runs left, good luck with week 9.


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