Treadmill running

Had to be done. Long day at work but read a few facebook posts and thought you know what, I feel the need. So onto the treadmill resurect Sami and do 2 15 min runs with warm up and warm down. Nice way to stretch the legs when it's blowing a gale with torrential rain. Dark mornings and dark evenings aren't the best for running in woods ;-)

Hope you all have safe runs

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  • I don't feel so guilty about doing my run on the treadmill yesterday now. It's good to know there is an alternative to getting soaked and blown along/back.

  • It all counts in my book

  • Well done.. That's brave. I've never been on one of those before..

  • Can't believe that JJ ;-)

  • Did my 5K Monday run on the treadmill yesterday too, because of the weather - it's OK, but the scenery doesn't move much! I also find that without the breeze of actual movement, I get very sweaty indeed. Too much information, probably.

  • Yes recognise that feeling. I have a TV and PC in my man-cave so don't need scenery too much

  • I run on a treadmill about once a week - run outside twice a week. Prefer outside - but can handle the boredom of the treadmill with music plus the fact that the treadmills in our gym face out with a window wall view of a beautiful lough - plus swans and ducks.

    If your treadmill is portable and you have the room - you could run whilst watching TV though.

  • Sounds good

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