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The Deluge Run

Haven't had much time yesterday and today to myself but I completed my last run (W9R3) of the program yesterday afternoon.

The intention was to do the same run as last week, a 5K on a nice flat run on a cycle path.

Finally getting to Tesco I started the run in bright sunshine with blue sky's above but with a big black cloud looming in the distance, it had been tipping down about an hour earlier but I was sure the running gods would be kind. Just after turning for the return it started to rain, big drops, no big big drops; within 5mins it was coming down horizontally. I was soaking within moments, my shoes were waterlogged, my wrinkly bits were even more wrinkly and cold water was everywhere and I mean everywhere. The most unpleasant bit was water in my eyes and I looked like a dolphin blowing water out of its blowhole when I exhaled.

After the thirty min announcement from RK I had to stop, with no letup from the rain I made my way back to the supermarket. I grabbed my jeans, jacket, and day shoes and squelched into the store. I ended up commando with no socks or shirt, and a plastic bag that was dripping merrily as I looked for DW.

I ran 4.2km in 30min and the final K was run at 6.55 down from 7.22

In the spirit of the forum - Good Luck to Zeinab I know you Can do it :D and Well Done to runningknitter who has :D

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Wow - that sounded scary! Well done you - and fast! I expect you just wanted to get out of that weather!


Blimey huff, that's seriously hard core ,wet and wild running!!! What an amazing finish to the programme, well done for completing it.... Hope the sun shines for you next time x


Whoa The Huff ! Wow, water , water everywhere :-)

Congratulations on your graduation , don't think you will forget this run ha ha :-)

Good Luck for your future running adventures , and I hope that you've stopped squelching by now :-)

Well done you xxx


Yeh congratulations :0). Was looking for your post. Well done for carrying on, that sounds horrid!! Are you dry yet ;0)?? Ooh and nice badge!


Well done. Love the shiny badge. Happy running.


Heehee Huff, you'll never forget your graduation run, will you? :) Many congratulations on your achievement and well done on a particularly quick last km. :)


Well done for that raintown run and for graduating. Fantastic stuff.


Well well done Huffnpuffin - Congratulations - Sounds more like a swim than a run - in fact if you added a supermarket trolley race it could become a new form of triathlon. Brilliant stuff - we have kept a seat warm for you in the Graduate's Common Room - just by the fire so you can dry out :)


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