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My first Parkrun!

Well, I managed to get to my first Parkrun on Saturday. We'll, after giving myself plenty of time to get there as was unsure where it was. I used google maps to plan my route, unfortunately when I got to the important roundabout, there were 3 exits and none were signposted! So went down the third, no, this wasn't right, go back to the roundabout, try the second exit, no, still not right, go back and try the first exit, where it was signposted 50 metres in so knew I was on the correct road. As approaching the park saw them all gathered in the distance, checked my watch, bang on 9! So thought I would mosey over and at least watch, but when I got there they were still doing the talk.

Then panicked as has had nowhere to put my car keys, flagged down a very friendly Marshall who pointed me to the Marshall who would be at the finish, she calmed me down assured me, not a race just fun.

So set off very slowly as was unsure of the route, it was 3 laps with a killer hill 1/3 way in, thinking oh s--t, gonna have to do that another 2 times. Anyhow finished in 42.21, didn't expect anything great. The friendly Marshall spoke to me at the end and congratulated me on my first time and said it's a benchmark to work from!

They even had CAKE at the end!!!!! Wasn't until I got home that I realised it was their 10th anniversary and this didn't happen every week !!

I thought when I got home that I would have to wait until Sunday to get my results, but my phone was beeping when I got out of the shower and there were my results, 122 out of 125, and am pleased to say that I was the first one with their club listed as NHS C25K!! :-) Go C25Kers!!!

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Go you ! Well done for doing your first park run, I do hope you go again, at least you will know the drill for next time (and where it is !). I really enjoy it and it helps to keep me motivated during the week.


Well done! That sounds like a really positive experience.


Cake doesn't happen every week??? It pretty much does at the Parkrun I go to!! There's usually somebody celebrating a birthday, a milestone parkrun, or whatever. And if there isn't cake, then take some yourself and offer it around, you'll soon make a whole load of new parkrun friends ;)

Well done on your first Parkrun, 42 mins is very respectable; its pretty much the same as me, we'd have trotted over the finishline together.


Well done, my first too on Saturday and they do seem like a thoroughly nice bunch!


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