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Rnunning in the dark

It has been a while since my posts and a few weeks since i last ran due to the screws in my foot getting inflamed. I am now looking for the parkrun on saturday and to continue from there but just realised that 6.30 am (my usual running time) is now dark.

How do you manage your runs in the dark, specially when you share the path with bicycles and dog walkers? Do you carry lights and/or high vis clothes? Do you find the same ammount of people going around or does it feel unusually empty?

I tend to run along the canal, and when there is daylight you find loads of people jogging or cycling to work. Do you have a similar run?

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Amazon has quite a selection of light-gadgets that can clip to your clothes and that supposedly weigh so little that you don't notice them. Might be worth looking into.

I'm fortunate enough that I have (so far) been able to run only in daylight, so I haven't had the problem, but am considering stocking up on lights. I've got a head-mounted LED torch with a red light on the back that I intend to use. Will probably make me look ridicolous, but hey ho, who cares?


Day-glo running clothes are a must and they are on sale from Thursday I think at Aldi

Most of us I would say have to run in the dark at some point but you just have to think more carefully about where you go. The lit streets are my preferred route but even they have blind spots and you can put your foot into divots and hollows and end up pitching forward. The dim glow of low sodium orange street lamps is quite poor


My running club ventures out into pitch-black Richmond Park in the evenings, which is strangely thrilling and fun in a group, but I wouldn't do it on my own. It's really important to be visible - I have some velcro armbands with built-in LED lights that I got from Aldi in their recent cycling sale, also tiny pendant lights with elastic loops that I fix into my hair. They sell similar things on Amazon as Tomas suggests. Most running clothing has high-viz reflective areas, especially running jackets.

Also remember when the clocks go back in a couple of weeks it'll be much lighter in the mornings.


Thank you all for comments. I managed to get a few colleagues to run afterwork, and although it may be dark, is in a well lit area; so I guess I'm sorted for the winter runs.


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