Or should that be missing in inaction.

I have missed this forum, I do pop by but with work I struggle for time.

So in my last post I mentioned I'd given up on after work runs, tried a morning run, got another 5k personal best and sorted out a 10k training plan.

So this week has looked something like this:

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - alarm, urgh Nope not happening. Snooze. Work.

Wednesday - alarm, urgh Nope not happening. Snooze. Ring doctor.

So only phone appointments left.

"Hello doctor, yes it hurts to breath, I am very breathless. I do have a cold. Ok you want to see me."

Appointment in the afternoon.

"Well your lungs are clear, you're not wheezing and your peak flow is fine. I can't find anything wrong. Are you normally breathless?"

"No I run"

"Ummmm. History of blood clots in your family?"

"Er I don't think so"

"Well I am doing to send you to hospital as a precaution"

Now apprently saying you have no way of getting to hospital is the wrong answer but ambulance was arranged and I was sent home to wait and warned it could be a long wait.

So soon as I got home I burst into tears - well it's scary being sent to hospital even if it's just a precaution. Obviously the doctor had sufficient worry to send me.

So my third ever trip in a proper ambulance.

First I was in anaphylaxic shock

Second I was on a spinal board (don't remember it)

And well this time.

I taught the paramedic something new - I take a diabetes drug off list to treat another condition so now the paramedic knows that just cause you take metformin doesn't mean you will be diabetic.

So QMC and the medical assessment clinic (gp referral is a magic way to by pass A&E) barely had a chance to sit down before I was whisked off for test.

Blood pressure, blood sugar, blood work up, ecg.

Then talk to a nurse practitioner before being sent for an xray.

Eventually I saw the consultant. All tests clear. Nasty virus, complicated cause I have ME. Breathing issues likely bronchial spasms due to scaring from teenage asthma or I technically still have asthma but because breathlessness is on exertion (can barely walk across the room) and breathing hurts I do need to get my gp to refer me for an echocardiogram to check my heart so mostly likely nothing but obviously still a niggly worry.

Consultant sent me home with antibiotics because although it's viral my immune system needs all the help it can get and I am at risk of developing a super bug and I have been ordered to rest and he stressed that if I still wasn't feeling better after my self cert period at work then I have to get a doctors note. Basically I am very poorly.

And the best bit they arranged and paid for a taxi to get me home. I can't fault the clinic they were brilliant.

So no running :(

I need to see the gp to arrange the Echo and will discuss if I can do exercise while I am waiting (once I'm better obviously).

Hope that everyone is doing well, I will try and pop by a little more.

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26 Replies

  • Oh my goodness what a time you've had of it Poor you Sounds like good treatment from Docs though. Make sure you take care of yourself and do what docs say and hopefully you'll be feeling bit better soon

  • Thank you. Although it was scary to be sent off to hospital, looking back I am really pleased that a doctor actually looked beyond my ME and said lets double check

  • :( get well soon, what a depressing week you've had! Don't forget to keep us updated, otherwise we'll worry :)

  • Thank you. I will promise I will keep everyone updated :) I mean you are all family - we are a c25k family:)

  • Crikey - what a scary few days! I hope you are soon sorted out and on the mend. Just take it easy till someone tells you otherwise. Howz the poor pooch? Itching to get out for a run too I expect!

  • Thank you.

    I'm not very good at resting but I am trying my best to be good.

    Ferd is doing a brilliant job of looking after me, I will have to get Mr Mouse to take him for a nice long walk, but I might drive him to the park and sit on the bench with a ball chucker so I can at least get out of the house and some fresh air.

  • Sounds like a plan :)

  • Aw poor you! I do hope you are better soon and able to pick up your running/exercising again before too long. Big hug coming to you and hope to hear more cheery news from you soon x :-)

  • Thank you

  • Poor you. Take care of yourself and get better soon xx

  • Thank you

  • Get well spoonie! that sounds like quite a day, hope you are feeling a little better and the treatment is kicking in? Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery, sounds like you got well looked after and at least they were quick to act. Hoping you are getting lots of soothing cuddles from ferd and your hubby :)

  • Thank you. Yes I am being well looked after Mr Mouse is even putting up with my questionable taste in movies lol

  • Oh Spoonie , blimey ! What a horrible time for you. I hope you feel better soon, it must've been a very worrying time for you. Take care and I hope you feel better very soon. :-) xxx

  • Thank you.

  • How awful, poor you. I always kind of think that running or just being fit is a magic talisman against getting sick, I guess it isn't....take great care, no running until you're totally over it. Keep us posted xx

  • Thank you. I will be good I promise.

  • Aww Spoonie you've had a rough day or two. Hope you are feeling better this morning and that all other tests come back clear. Wishing you a speedy recovery and remember to take it easy meantime x.

  • Thank you.

  • That sucks Spoonie. But it sounds as if you've been looked after really well. The great thing about running is you can dip in and out of it when you're ready. It's always there and waiting for you. And you ARE a runner as you have proven. You're just having a bit of time out.

    Follow the doctor's orders, keep visiting here and you'll be back in no time. All the best.

  • Thank you. I am being good and resting.

  • Wow spoonie no wonder you've been MIA. Rest and recuperation are the order of the day. Take it easy and hope you feel better soon

  • Hey Spoonie. Hang in there tough week indeed. Get better soon.

  • Oh Spoonie, what a lot to be dealing with, poor you.

    Hope the echo gives you the right result and you manage to avoid getting worse.

    So feet up, rest up, and get better.

    Take care

    :-) xx

  • Goodness, what an experience. You really are poorly! I hope you're better soon. No wonder you couldn't get Yousuf out of need to run! But what treatment from our NHS, eh! Sounds like you couldn't have been cared for better.

  • Sorry to hear you're so poorly Spoonie. :( Hope the anti-b's have started kicking in now and you're feeling a wee bit better. We'll be here for you when you're fit enough to be back running.

    (((((((((( HUGS ))))))))))

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