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C25K take 2!

So having managed to complete C25K last year and then going on to run in 10k races all thanks to Laura, last October at the start of a tough year my running dwindled down to not at all... I've been meaning to get back into it many times but just lacked the motivation - my fitness level really is back to the beginning!

Happily though, I have just completed W1 R2 and am determined to see it though! (Again)

This forum was so lovely to read the first time round so I've decided to post this time :)

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C25K is such a great programme isn't it. We probably all hope not to have a break but life does sometimes get in the way of great intentions and I feel better just knowing C25K is there to hold my hand just in case there are wobbles.

Keep posting and good luck LemonJojo


I'm sure you'll soon be gobbling up the miles again!


Welcome back lemonjojo. As you've done the programme before you should sail through it this time! Keep posting and let us know how you're doing. Good luck!


Great to restart I should imagine. Nice to have another person joining week 1


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