Going the distance!

Exactly a year ago I started to use runkeeper to measure and record my runs. I was at the start of week 6 and had completed the first long run of the programme. I was just daring to believe that I might have a chance of turning into something approaching a proper runner.

Since then I have graduated and managed to keep up 2 or 3 runs most weeks - with a only a few lay offs for flu, holidays, or really bad weather. These days I usually do between 5 and 6k a time. Longest run has been 8k but I am not fast - still taking about 39 minutes to cover 5k. I even describe myself as a runner occasionally!

I did my final run on Sunday along the front at Goodrington in Devon on a beautiful autumn evening. Imagine how chuffed I am that in that year since I started recording my runs I have covered 500k! In fact 500.6k to be exact!

I am so delighted and proud of myself. What a truly fab programme this is and what wonderful running buddies I have made along the way.

What distance shall I aim for next year? I'm thinking 600k might be doable!


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32 Replies

  • Wow Ully, 500k! That's amazing. Congratulations. :)

  • Thanks AM. I think your posts have always encouraged me on.

  • Fantastic. What an achievement. Have you lost weight since last year?

  • Not so much. I had lost 3 stone in the year before and it has definitely helped me to keep it off. Can see a big change in my shape and a sales lady complimented me on my 'beautifully toned' legs recently - music to the ears of this 60 year old!

  • This is so pleasing to hear!!!! I have logged around the same as you since January -- I also would never have believed it when I first started out on C25K.

  • Thanks Bazza. This running lark is a life changer isn't it?

  • That's brilliant Ully! Well done! How many shoes have you worn out?

  • On my second pair but, funnily enough, I'm just eying up some new ones - actually I'm always eying up new ones! ;-)

  • Well done Ully. A fantastic achievement.

    I am sure if you set your mind to it you could manage the 600 plus. Good luck :)

  • Thanks. Strangely, I feel absolutely confident that I can. Such a difference from when I started the programme and didn't tell anyone for the first three weeks in case I couldn't do it.....

  • That is truly fantastic - that is like running from Liverpool to Poole - which means you have saved about £312 on rail-fare (1st class - running is always like travelling first class) Over 10 years yo will have run to New York (in spite of all the water). The real achievement of course is not the fantastic distance but the fact that you have kept this up regularly - you get my Star Award of the Day.

  • Aww Runon - you are so kind. I hadn't thought about where this would take me - it would have taken even longer than a Cross Country train though!

  • Tee Hee :)

  • That's great, Ully!

  • Thank you!

  • Fab stuff Ully, that's one hell of an achievement ! 600k ? Yeah , course you can . You will nail it :-) xxx

  • Thanks Pops, you must be getting some mileage on your shoes now too!

  • Well done; those K's just keep clocking up don't they. I should think 600K is easily within your grasp. Or you could try for 500 miles (a mere 804K !)

  • Now then Gordon, let's not go too mad. Still feel a bit of a beginner at this game!

  • What a great post. I love hearing everyone's stories and achievements. Very inspiring.

    You certainly have the bug. Well done you


  • Thank you. Yep, I think that running is an essential part of my life now.

  • Wow, that is a wonderful achievement! Great distance, and great spirit for sticking to it for a year now. You deserve to be proud of yourself. Well done!

  • Thanks Tomas - you're doing some fantastic times and distances now!

  • Way to go Ully! That is a long trip when you really think about it. You should be proud. You are are inspiring!

  • Thanks Burgdude! How's life after graduation?

  • Super post, what a fab achievement.

  • Thank you

  • Lovely jubbly Ully gully - an inspirational tale and something for me to aim at. Congrats, and thanks for sharing!

  • Wow that's some mileage Ullyrunner! Fantastic achievement. It sounds as if running will be a part of your life always now.

  • Very inspirational Ully. 600k? Course you can!!! :)

  • Thank you all very much. It's lovely to share with people who understand just how much it means to me!

  • I think you've come further than that. The journey away from the couch is the longest. Wonderful stats! 600k should be easily achievable for you!

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