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Hold da bus

I'm on week 6 - how did that happen? I found R1 of W6 quite difficult this morning even with the intervals which is hard to fathom after running for 20 minutes non stop on Friday. So, as all you are often reminding me "stick to the plan, trust the plan" so I will do just that. This week is even more of a hurdle for me as the last 2 attempts at C25K I didn't get this far - only as far as week 5. I dread to think what my technique is like, breathing through my mouth; jogging very, very slowly etc but as a dear friend of mine said to me on Saturday (and she runs regularly for at least an hour each time) its not a deal breaker and I'm doing myself far more good getting out 3 times a week than not. So, one step at a time for me going forward. One step at a time! SBx

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Ah, w6! Its a mystery this one. Many people get caught out with it and, like you, can't fathom why! I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck ;o)


Good luck for week six, push on through and know you are nearly on the home stretch. Keep going!


Yes one step at a time- you are doing great! You can worry about technique later x :-)


I think 99% of posters on here report W6R1 being harder than W5R3. It's quite normal. No idea why, possibly a psychological thing.

Breathing through your mouth is fine. As long as you are not trying to neck a pint at the same time it's one of the things your mouth is designed for. Running very slowly is fine too. It's time, not speed that matters. As for technique: as long as you are putting one foot in front of the other, your technique is fine as well.

Keep up the good work.


Keep going. No matter how slow or idiosyncratic your style, don't stop!! You can do this.


Week 6 is, as others have said, is a tricky one to navigate. W6R2 will be your last interval run so just get through that, then it's all non-stop runs until graduation. I've found that I fall into my stride/pattern/groove/rhythm [delete as appropriate!] after a few minutes - so intervals began to get annoying as they interrupted me.

I'm on week 7 now, and although it's physically tougher than week 6, it's simpler to get my head round what's expected in each run - which seems to be easier to deal with somehow. The later weeks are not easier, but I reckon they're more straightforward.

Good luck!


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