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Feeling stressed

I'm a bit stressed at the moment and didn't sleep too well and felt quite deflated when the alarm went off this morning but I could hear Lovely Daughter up and about so with some effort got myself ready. We've nailed R3 on W4. I'm really happy that I'm not letting myself get too bogged down by it all and then stagnate. I'm glad to be doing this for my future well being and the endorphins are kicking in as I write this. I know the stresses will pass and am trying to be really super positive. And I've just read some great posts and replies from so many of the community on here. You really are a great bunch!

SB x

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Well done SB,good to hear you are still following the programme and your during your post I could see your mood improve! Its not easy getting up early to run but you have to focus on the end result all the time or none of us would do it! Good luck with the rest of weekend and hopefully the running will help the stress.


Exercise does seem to counteract stress and depression, and it's nice to have somebody to motivate you as well. Keep it up, and hopefully whatever it is which is stressing you out will get better soon too.


No stressing, just jogging. It's not a race or a job interview, it's just a bit of a trot round the park or wherever.

The weather is lovely, the birds are singing, the bees are buzzing. What could be better. Enjoy these fair weather runs and put some mileage on those trainers. Yay!


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