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Injuries and xrays

So I twisted my ankle on Saturday, swelling is still bad, and to be honest have been hobbling around work. It's such a relief in the evenings to be able to go around in my bare feet as I can walk much better like that.

Went to my doc, so I've to go and get an X-ray on it just to make sure it's not chipped. She said its likely that I did my ligaments. Have also to get my knee xrayed too. My health insurance will only pay for a mri if I have an X-ray done first. Have two days off work to rest.

I'm really annoyed about it as I was finally getting into the running and now I'll be pushed back a few weeks. Anybody know how long it could take for ligaments to heal?

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Ouch! Sorry, that does sound painful. To be honest, I think your question is a bit like "how long is a piece of string?" I think it will depend on how badly they are damaged, how much you actually rest, and how old you are (the older, the longer it will take). Wishing you a speedy recovery, and lots of patience during the process.

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No advice on the ankle sorry except to say take the time you need and don't rush back before you are ready in case you crock it again and miss even longer. Maybe try some swimming to keep up the fitness? Good luck.

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Soft tissue injuries take a while. I really hope the damage is minor and you make a swift recovery.


You don't know yet that it is ligaments. I would guess it's soft tissue and that you'll be up and running in no time. In the meantime, elevation, ice, Ibrufren taken just before you go to sleep. Try and elevate your foot whenever you can grab the opportunity.


I'll shove over a bit and make some room for you on the injury couch.

At least your doc sent you for x-rays. For my knee mine told me to rest it and take painkillers.

Physio later, hopefully will be useful.


Thanks for the comments. As one of my friends said that's what you get for doing this excercise lark!

Can't take the anti inflamatries as I have asthma, but I was told to take Paracetomal if there's pain. Thanks for all the comments.

Peter, the knee has been at me for 3 months, it's about time I looked into it. The kinesio tape was great support but I want to know whats going on. I play badminton and I need it 100% for that and the club has started back now!

Just got the born to run book so I'm going to get stuck into that.


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