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HM training update

Update on This weekend's runs. Long rambling post feel free to ignore!

(My training 'plan' for the Royal Parks HM in October at the moment is runs after work Tuesday and Thursday, Parkrun or walk Saturday, long run Sunday)

The actual highlight of the Parkrun on Saturday was before it started - seeing the kingfisher on the Almond during my warm up run. I'd known there was one in that beat and saw it a few weeks ago as well. You've got to catch it in flight otherwise it could be anywhere. Seeing that flash of blue is one of these things which always lifts the spirits. As to the run ties kit was typical Edinburgh PR. Tailwind on the way out then heading in to a stiff breeze on return. Thought I'd done ok but time was 27:52 which is slower than I was hoping for

As to Sunday's long run I'm actually finding it challenging and interesting trying to find suitable routes. Today I selected a route along some of the old railway tracks The first bit was part of my normal run but when I do it on Sundays I try to vary it even just taking a slightly different path. I wasn't sure about a longish stretch on a busy straight road on the edge of a slightly run down area but it was fine and then I got on to the railway track. Managed a comfort stop in the local leisure centre too then on to what's known as the 5 ways junction to take the branch towards the coast.

Followed the path which goes along the shore at Wardie bay. (When I first was in Edinburgh the old railway embankment blocked views of the water and it was a bit grim, now there are nice views across the Forth). The next bit was in a grotty industrial area but it was ok and then picked up the shore path again. It joins with the Parkrun route so familiar territory again. Had to stop to adjust my socks as I could feel a blister forming and got good views of some curlews and oyster catchers.

The problem with a route along the shore is that eventually you have to regain the height you've lost and I found I was struggling on the hills on the way back and walked most of them. My legs were tired rather than in pain but it was hard going. Once on more even slope managed to get back to running and overall covered 17k which is my longest run to date

Overall observations - I'd mentally split it into 5k segments which seemed to work. I didn't run the whole way but didn't let it bother me. Felt pretty comfortable after having had a loo stop and on a route where there were other options. Ate two soft mints, a wine gum and a few brambles and about 300ml water

Next stage is to ramp up to 19k. Not looking forward to that but it should be doable

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Awesome work! Love the nature commentary.... It sounds as if you had a really enjoyable time, if that is not too perverse, given the hill climbs and length of your run lol


17k, thats a fantastic achievement, well done to you! Sounds like a challenging route too. The wildlife sounds lovely round there, i love Oystercatchers they have such character! Sounds like excellent progress to me :)


I'm also in training for my first hm and have gradually developed a run around the town I live in, which gives me the right difference. My route though is not that hilly, whereas the run I'll be doing, is, so I took another route at the weekend that starts by crossing a dual carriage way, but then winds through beautiful wooded countryside (up a 3k long hill that has a 17% gradient at one point).


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