A good few weeks ago a colleague and I agreed to do our first ever park runs. We set a date of 3 May at Rother Valley near sheffield. Today by chance I saw in a magazine that there is a charity run there on the same day so I thought I'd better check the park run website. As you can guess the park run next Saturday is cancelled. I could go somewhere else but am keen to go to Rother Valley for the first one as I gather the route is quite flat. I think a lot of the other park runs around sheffield will involve hills at some point which I would rather avoid (although i am used to them as it's difficult to avoid them in a city like sheffield)!!

Hey oh, will have to pick another date but for now I remain 'gutted'!!


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16 Replies

  • Nothing worse than having your plans blown out of the water. Never mind, it will give you a chance to complete a few more practice runs ;) Hope it's not too long before you complete your first park run.

  • Disappointing but a chance to do a bit more practice. Good luck with the next Parkrun you arrange to do. Best wishes.

  • The mansfield one looks quite flat, and thats not far from rvcp

  • Greetings, fellow Sheffielder. As you say, the place is full of hills, in almost every direction you care to name. I'm surrounded by the bloody things; ran up a couple of the hills in town on Friday's W4R3 - that was... fun! Funny you mention this as I'm thinking about doing the Graves Parkrun soon, but as you may well be aware, Graves Park isn't exactly flat! There's a Parkrun at Hillsborough Park but again, it has a few hills.

    There's the 5k Big Fun Run at Rother Valley in August if you're interested. Looks interesting and fun; I've signed-up. :-)

  • Thanks for your comments folks. A few more practice runs it is. Graves Park is actually my closest parkrun but the thought of those hills really put me off! Endcliffe Park is another alternative and actually the course doesn't look too bad but Rother Valley looks better!! Maybe one day but if I can do a flatter one first then I'm happy to wait!

  • You're fairly near me then; Graves is my closest too. Those hills are quite something. I attempted W1R1 up the steep hill in Meerbrook Park. At five in the morning. In the dark. And fog. The hill nearly killed me. As did the tree branch in the way which I couldn't see due to it being pitch black. I shan't attempt that again. No, I dunno quite what I was thinking either! :-|

  • Rather you than me! I'm in Dronfield Woodhouse.

  • Not something I'll be attempting again at any point soon! Was 'different', I do suppose.... You're a bit further out than me; I'm not too far from Graves Park. I'll be giving both Graves and Endcliffe a go at some point in the coming weeks so if you'd like a mini C25K Parkrun meet-up, give me a shout. Alternatively look for the brightly dressed fellow with the handlebar moustache and come say 'ow do. :-)

  • Endcliffe Park is pretty flat, although parking near there isn't easy

  • Good point, would either have to get there early or just enjoy the warm up walk getting to the start!

  • Rother Valley Parkrun is fab - totally flat and a great surface to run on. I did my first ever Parkrun there last week and got a PB.

    It is the colour dash there next week in aid of Bluebell Wood, so you're right, there will be no Parkrun. Endcliffe Park is a decent route though if you decide to do that one instead.

  • Thanks, I might consider it for next Saturday instead.

  • Hi. I'm also hoping to do the Rother Valley park run soon. It's taken a bit longer than planned as I've just had a 3 week break with a sore achilles and am now redoing week 6. Hopefully see you in a few weeks when I graduate. If you want to come and say hello, I'll be the one crawling over the finish line in last place!

  • You probably will see me then as I can't imagine anything other than being at the back too!!

  • Hmm not sure what Sheffields like for hills but when i'm not at uni in Shropshire and at my parents in Cornwall oh my gosh the hills there!!! Tho i personally think its mental gettin up them now tho not sure i'd say i run or jog... its more of a steady plod but its not walking either!! haha

  • Sheffield is built on 7 hills so whichever way you go you have to go up at some stage. I just try to keep thinking how good it has to be for me. I'm going out shortly on what is a 9.5k route but I end up having to walk the last 2k as it's too steep, especially after 7.5k! Like you hills tend to be something just faster than a walking pace too!

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