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Week 4, seem to be stuck!

Hey all,

I did 2 of the week 4 runs before getting a tummy bug which laid me up for a week, then repeated the whole of week 3 which was fine. I did first run of week 4 on Tuesday and was telling myself I know I can do it as I have done twice, but on the final 5 mins I got really severe back pain and had to quit after about a min and a half. So annoyed! I have week 4 again today and am worried about the back.

It might all be mind games? Although the back pain is very real :(

Any thoughts or tips?


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Back pain isn't funny. No real tips I'm afraid, apart from suggest you have your back checked out. Just a thought: are your trainers cushiony enough and are you running on a very hard surface? Sorry not to be more helpful but I'm sure someone with more experience will be along shortly!


Thanks, I guess more than anything I'm just venting frustration! I will be getting gait analysis soon and that might give some indication of anything that's a problem. I've had infrequent back pain since having kids 26 years ago, be good to strengthen core muscles I suppose, but that will take time. Just really want to do let's this programme, so will keep at it!


Really well done for getting this far and sticking with it. Have you tried Pilates? It is excellent for strengthening your core which supports your back and is a good complement to running. If your back pain is that severe I would get it checked by a doctor or physio first though. All the best.


Thanks IP no haven't done Pilates, will look into it and yes if this carries on will get it checked properly.


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